Too Much of a Good Thing

The unhealthy reality of too much exercise


One reason why teens have compulsive exercise is that they are constantly bombarded with images of celebrities in really good shape. Teens look up to those celebrities. In result, they force themselves to look like the famous people they admire.

Some symptoms include:

1)You constantly are injured. You exercise with the injuries

2)You become mad at yourself if you miss a workout

3)You prefer to workout rather than hangout with your friends

4)You force yourself to exercise even if you are sick

5)A elevated resting heart beat

For help

You can go to Renfrew Center in northern New Jersey

Celebrity with the disorder

Heidi Montag was in the MTV reality television show ,”The Hills”. For the past 2 months, she has exercised 14 hours each day in the gym. This made her loose her good health and made her severely underweight.