Introducing Me!

Rachel Wilkinson

I love to write!

Hello everyone! My name is Rachel Wilkinson. I am a sophomore dual major in Early Childhood and Special Education. I graduated from California Area High School right up the road from Cal U! I have always known that I have wanted to be a teacher, but thanks to Cal U, I have found a love for special education. I hope to continue learning more about it and becoming a special education teacher. I also want to go back to school after many years to teaching to become a certified school psychologist.

I absolutely love to write. I am always the one who writes 1,500 words with a 500 words maximum limit because I always have so much to say. My family says I should work for Hallmark, and I was always the one asked to peer edit my friends papers (since I am like the grammar police). I hope one day to write children's books and read them to my future class! I feel writing is my way to express myself. I was never the best at singing, dancing, playing music, art, etc... so I have always had writing. I love writing about anything, but I absolutely hate using a "graphic organizer" or "mapping out my ideas first." I love to just sit in front of the computer and let my fingers type. I don't really remember how I learned to write. I was taught grammar by my teachers and used those rules, but I just would write what popped into my head.

People say you are a reader or I writer. I am a writer. I actually hate to read and find it hard to comprehend and pay attention to the words on the paper. It's funny because I have always just wrote what I would want to read since I haven't found many books that I love. I think reading is extremely important and wonderful, but I was never a fan of it. I hope that will change as I get older, and I want to help my students to love reading and writing equally.

My favorite writing teacher was my seventh grade English teacher. She challenged me to write to my fullest potential and gave me constructive criticism. She always helped me and encouraged me to keep writing even when I thought I couldn't anymore. She pushed me to strive to be the best I could be, and that year I actually won a school-wide writing contest about our new football field. She was so happy, and I was so grateful to have her as my teacher.