The right way to remove makeup.

Advice on removing makeup.

Dear Kristy

My name is Hanea. Im 16 years ols & I'm from Sacramento California. Im actually auditioning for a movie here at the Hollywood studios. They tend to use alot of makeup. Im not really used to wearing alot of make up so I've tried using my make up remover but it seems like it doesn't remove everything. So I was wondering if there's a better way to remove makeup ?
Auditioning for a movie causes lots of make up. So I suggest before applying make up to wear or apply a special makeup cream then apply the make up now after your auditions use whatever oil or makeup remover your used to using then use the wipes, the wipes help with taking some left overs. Once you've done doing business you can try a facial mask that's out of egg whites & lemon. Well that's my suggestion. I hope you reply soon & advice me if that works.

Angelica Cisneros & Katya Rivera