Ms. Anderson's Kindergarten Class

About Me

Hello! I am your child's kindergarten teacher, Ms. Anderson. I attended the University of Houston, with a degree in EC-6 with a certification. After I graduated, I went to through the Teach for America program and have continued on to teach in the HISD school district. I truly have a passion for teaching young children and I am so excited to work with you and your children this year!


Website Resource

Hello parents! I would like to introduce a new software game that we have started using in class. The game is called Fuzzy Lion Ears. This game sounds out the different letter options so the student can try to determine which letter will complete the word that the animal is asking the child to spell. This is very useful because we are learning how to sound out words and letters, this game is a good way for your child to reinforce what we are doing in class. The students had a blast playing it in class and I would love for them to show you at home what they are learning and that they are having fun while doing it. Thank you so much for your help and I hope you all enjoy the game as much at home as we do at school.

Fuzzy Lion Ears

Language Activity


We will be doing an activity in class called, Bear Hunt. This activity is a song that the children perform actions to in order to help them learn about rhyming words and repetition. This activity is one that I have done before with younger children and they absolutely love it. I enjoying using this activity in the kindergarten classroom because it teaches the children different parts of language, and they love to sing and dance along with the words of the song.

Bear Image

Classroom Visitor

On the third week of November the class will have a special guest! Mr. Smith and his firehouse dog Smokey will come to our class to teach the children about fire safety and what to do in the event that they are in a building that catches on fire. This is something that I have done with classes in the past and it has proven to be a very effective way to teach the children about stop, drop, and roll, as well as how to know where to exit at. On the first week of November I will send home a permission slip in your child's folder, please make sure to sign it and send it back. Thank you!

Fire Dog

Hundreds Day

One of the major events that we will have during the school year is called Hundreds Day. Throughout the school year the students will be learning their numbers and how to count up to one hundred. On the day that we get to one hundred there will be several different games, activities, and treats to celebrate the students success. I am sending out information about this now in case you want to plan to celebrate with your child, or bring treats and games. Please let me know if you have any ideas, we love to include the parents. Thank you!