Much Ado About Nothing

by: Annicka Rabida

Casting the Characters


The Evil Scheme

Don John, the villain of the play, wanted to ruin Hero and Claudio's marriage so he came up with a plan to make Claudio believe Hero was unchaste. He had Borachio pretend to make love to Hero when it was really Hero's servant Margaret. Then, he told Claudio about this so Claudio actually witnessed it. This pushed the plot into the wedding the next day. Without this event, there would've been no problem in the story. This scheme revealed how truly awful Don John was and how he wished to bring hardships onto others.

The Wedding

Claudio, upset about with he had seen the previous night, accused Hero of being unchaste at the altar. With this, Hero fainted, and Claudio and Don Pedro stormed off. The friar came up with a plan to have Hero pretend to be dead so Claudio could realize his mistake. In turn, Claudio will be set marry Hero's "cousin." She also pretended to be dead so they could clear her name. This kept the play moving forward by adding a plot twist. It kept the audience interested and gave more action to the plot. This revealed the friar is a very cunning man and how devastated Hero was for being accused of being unchaste.

The Real Wedding

The next day, after Hero's funeral, Claudio arrived to marry Hero. Previously he had apologized immensely at Hero's grave and the truth of the evil scheme had come out. The wedding began, and "Hero's cousin" took off the mask she was wearing to reveal herself as Hero, alive and well. Claudio rejoiced and they got married. This moved the plot to the ending and resolved the story. This also revealed how in love Claudio and Hero were and how much they cared about each other.


Love - Love Story by: Taylor Swift

There is a main theme of love throughout Much Ado About Nothing. From the beginning of the play it is apparent that Hero and Claudio love each other. Love Story by Taylor Swift represents this very well. The lyrics, "See the lights, see the part ball gowns, see you make your way through crowd and say 'Hello,'" accurately depicts Hero and Claudio (well actually Don Pedro) meeting at Leonato's ball. As the song continues it sings, "He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring and said, 'Marry me,'" which represents Claudio asking Hero to marry him. The song is sung in Hero's perspective calling Claudio Romeo and herself Juliet.
Taylor Swift - Love Story