Coral Bleaching

By: Clayton & Sabrina

Why Coral are important ~ Sabrina Randall

  • The Coral Provides food and shelter for fish and many types of other animals.

  • Gives fish and other animals a place to hide from predators

  • When the coral is not healthy, they won’t make algae, which means they can’t give food to fish and other animals that eat the algae

  • They can protect the coastlines from tropical storms like strong hurricane
  • They help manage Nutrient Cycling
  • It supports a lot of the wild life and some species that live in the corals may go extinct.
  • The Colorful reefs bring Tourists who come to see the Coral Reefs, but since they are dying out, they will get less and less people come to view the corals.

What Is Coral Bleaching?

- Clayton Maiden

  • When Coral Reefs turn bright white (Dead)

  • Bleaching happens when corals are exposed to warmer temperatures.

  • Warmer water puts more stress on the corals.

  • Plant like organisms called algae live inside the coral to give off food for the coral and other fish, and gives them their color.

  • Algae and Coral have a relationship called mutualism, when two organisms benefit from each other to survive.

  • When temperatures get too high, the algae living in corals want to get rid of them.

  • Coral bleaching is when the Coral kicks out the algae which takes its beautiful colors.

  • Ocean temperatures have been on the rise because of global climate change.

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