Cell Organelle

by Mckelli

Plasma or Cell Membrane

Description/structure- it covers the cell wall and it kinda looks like a cell

Function- the cell membrane is not a solid structure, it is made of a million smaller molecules

present in both animal and plant cells

Cell Wall

Cell Walls

Description/structure- helps the cell bounce of and go down the little passage ways.

Function- Cell Walls also have a plant thingy to stay in place.

Present in plant cells


Descripotion/ Structure- fluid that fills the cell

Function- Waste products also dissolve before they are taken in by vacuoles

present in animal cells

Nucleus and Nuclear Membrane and Nucleolus

Description/structure- acts like the cell of the brain

function- it helps control eating, movement, and reproduction

present in both animal and plant cells

description/sturcture- located inside the cell membrane and the nucleus

function- spaces for RNA and protein to pass

present in both animal and plant cells

Description/struture- looks like an nucleus inside a nucleus

function- it is made of RNA and proteins

present in both animal and plant cells

Centrioles and Chromatin

Description/structure- they are there to help the cell when it comes to dividing

Function- they are put to work in the both the process of mitosis and miosos

present in animal cells

Description/struture- mixed in with DNA

Function- is made of DNA and RNA and nuclear proteins

present in both animal and plant cells

Ribosomes and Golgi Apparatus

Description/structure- biology photosynethisis

function- when cells need to make proteins it looks for ribosomes

present in both animal and plant cells

Description/structure- packinging marcomolecules in secreatin cells

function- absorbs vesiciles from rough ER you will also find ribosomes in pancake stacks

present in animal cells

Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) and Mitochondria

Description/structure- Has a smooth ER which helps the cells pass easily through

function- the nucleus is to act as the cell brain the ER functions as a manufactoring/ packinging system

present in animal cells

Descriptions/structure- known as a powerhouse to the cells

function- theu act like a digestive system

present in both animal and plant cells

Chloroplast and Lysosomes

Description/structure- gets energized from sunlight

function- food producers

present in plant cells

Descriptions/structure- contains a array of enyzmes

Function- breaks down food

presents in animal cells

Peroxisomes and Vacuole and Cytoskelton

Description/Structure- Contains lysosomes

Function- breaks down toxin materials

present in both animal and plant

Description/Structure- inside with the nucleus

Function- storage bubbles

present in both plants and animals

Descriptions/Structure- connects every organelle to every part of the cell membrane

Functions- provides structure

present in both plants and animals