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Tiger Tales

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Administrative Team

Top row: Holly Casey, Counselor; Carrie Higgins, Instructional Specialist; Amanda Flores, Instructional Specialist; Cindy Campbell, Counselor

Middle row: Kristy Strong, Instructional Specialist; Christina Sanchez, Behavioral Interventionist

Bottom row: Susan Blowey, Assistant Principal; Katie Ford, Principal; Debbie Parker, Assistant Principal

Principal's Corner

I want to thank everyone for a wonderful first 6 weeks as the principal at Kirk. I have enjoyed meeting all of you and getting to know you all.

Under Construction

You may have noticed the storage container in the front of our school. Phase 1 renovation starts this summer. The renovations are broken down in 6 phases. The first phase begins on May 27th and will last through this summer. The admin offices, library, 600 hall, cafeteria, music room and art room will all be a part of phase one renovations. We are excited to begin this project! Along with enhanced security features, our building will receive all new furniture and finishes. I will share pictures and updates along the way. Be sure to like Kirk Elementary on Facebook and Twitter so you can follow our progress.

Mrs. Ford

Share your Feedback to Help Us Improve

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May Calendar

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Student of the Month for the Character Trait of Hope


Leader in Me

We have started teaching students the 7 habits. There are 5 core paradigms that drive our decisions, behaviors, and results as we shift our culture to align with being a Leader in Me school. A paradigm is simply the way we “see” things. These 5 core paradigms include:

  • Everyone can be a leader.

  • Everyone has genius.

  • Change starts with me.

  • Empower students to lead their own learning.

  • Educators and families partner to develop the whole person.

These paradigms or “the way we see things” at our school will drive our everyday interaction with not only your Tiger, but ourselves too. A partnership with families supports our ability for students to lead their own educational journey - empowering them to be responsible, reflective, and active in their learning experiences.

The great news about paradigms is that they are also powerful at home! When you operate through these five paradigms in your own life, you are communicating your own value as well as encouraging greatness in your Tiger.

Here are a few ways to engage your family in these paradigms:

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It is so exciting to see how much our Tigers have grown since the beginning of the year to now. They have worked so hard to show what it means to be a Kirk Tiger. Many of our students have classroom leadership roles, earned their Executive Tiger badges, and help in various places on our campus. Please continue to remind your students the importance of giving their very best each day. Thanks for all your support and help!

Key Notices

This year we have gone digital with our title 1 meeting. To learn more about Title 1 at Kirk Elementary, please watch this short video. Turn on closed captioning for Spanish.

If you would like to give feedback on the parent involvement policy or the home-school agreement for Kirk, please view the documents listed here and send in any suggested revisions to Dr. Bell.

Notice to Parents

As a parent of a student at a campus receiving Title I funds, federal law allows you to ask for information about the certification, college major, and advanced degrees of your child’s teacher(s). You also have the right to request information about the qualifications of a teacher aide or paraprofessional providing direct services to your child. If you would like to receive this information, you may contact the Cypress-Fairbanks I.S.D. Human Resources Department at 281-897-4099.

School Messenger: Text Message Sign Up

The directions for adding text messages to your School Messenger account are in the link below. All parents need to update their School Messenger Information:

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Family & Community Engagement

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Library Corner

Please return library books!

Mobile Library

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Primary Practices

Our students have worked hard and have grown leaps and bounds this year. During the summer please continue to read with your child. The Harris County public libraries have many titles to choose from. Below are some activities you could do.

This month PK-1st will be completing the End of Year District Progress Monitoring. This includes high frequency words, independent reading level, mClass, and a writing sample. Kindergarten and First Grade will also complete their math End of the Year DIstrict Progress Monitoring.

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Adventures in Mathematics

  1. The month of May is a time for students to show their growth! Second grade students will complete their end of year Math DPM, while grades 3-5 complete the STAAR test.

    As summer approaches, here are some ideas for ways to practice fact fluency with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using LEGOS.

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Science Scholars

May is an exciting time for students in science to discover concepts of life science and build their own investigation.

Grades 2-3 are learning about plant and animal life cycles and their basic needs.

Grade 4 is finishing up the year with Forces, including Friction and Magnetism.

Grade 5 will showcase their knowledge by taking the Science STAAR, then working on STEM activities.

Science can be incorporated into your summer schedule in many ways. Check out the Summer Science BINGO to get inspired!

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Loving Literacy

Our students have worked hard and have grown leaps and bounds this year. During the summer please continue to read with your child. The Harris County public libraries have many titles to choose from. Below you will find a BINGO board you could use to make reading fun throughout the summer.

This month 2nd grade will be completing the End of Year District Progress Monitoring. This includes high frequency words, independent reading level, mClass, reading comprehension, and a writing sample. 3rd - 5th graders will also be completing the Reading STAAR .

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Tiger Technobytes

Chromebook Reminders

All students are assigned a chromebook for school use. Guardians must sign for all devices in Schoolcash.

  • Students will be responsible for taking the device to home/school daily.

  • It is recommended the device be charged at home nightly and that the charger remains at home.

  • Please do not put stickers on the device.

  • The CFISD stickers (barcode and student information) should remain on the device. If the stickers are damaged please report it in HappyFox to be able to receive a new one.

  • Please keep food and drink away from the device.

  • To receive support for a device (lost, non-working, damaged devices) please report it in HappyFox. Your student will need to log in with their CFISD email address and password.

  • Here’s how to change a Student Network Password.

  • If you move to another school district, please return the device/charger back to the school. If you move to another school within CFISD, take the device and charger with you to the new school.

CFISD LTE 1:1 Website has more information.

Contact if you have any questions about devices at Kirk.

Nurse’s Corner

Thank you for a great year!

I want to send out some reminders before the end of school.

  • Please plan on picking up your student’s medication between 05/244/22 and 05/26/22. All medications not picked up will be destroyed.
  • Immunizations need to be up to date for your student to start school in the fall. Importantly, Pre-K students have immunizations they must get before they start Kindergarten.
  • Please remember to use sunscreen and stay hydrated this summer.

5 Tips For Happy Days

1. Practice Mindfulness

2. Set Goals for the Day

3. Move your Body

4. Show Gratitude

5. Smile a Little More

I hope you have a wonderful summer!

Counselor Corner

Monthly Character Trait:

Perseverance means refusing to give up when life gets hard.

Have you done the math?

How many weeks do you have from now until your child graduates from high school? You have about 36 less than when the school year started! No matter their age, kids need a few things over time:

LOVE gives them a sense of worth. Knowing they are loved and seeing others love each other gives an example of what your kids will look for in future relationships.

STORIES about their past, their family, and their environment give them a bigger perspective.

WORK that is appropriate for them helps to give them purpose and significance.

FUN helps give them connections to others.

GROUPS (a team, a youth group, a cast, a class, etc.) give them a sense of belonging and fitting in.

WORDS that encourage, support, and correct give them direction.

So don’t miss it. This school year may be over, but there is still time to incorporate love, stories, work, fun, tribes, and words in the time you have left.

What’s happening in Large Group?

Musical Magic

Hello Kirk Mighty Tigers!

Kindergarten students will start solfege. First-fifth Grades will have a Kodaly Hand Signs Competition by large groups. It will be a very exciting time in Music!

Ms. Craig


Wow, can’t believe we’re entering the last month of this school year. It was a journey full of fun and exciting events. We will focus on our basketball and volleyball units and learn and develop some skills. Let’s try to stay focused strong, fit and healthy!

Coach Mati


Hello Mighty Tigers! I can’t believe the year is almost over! Our 5th graders will be working with clay before leaving for middle school. And our younger grade levels will continue to create and learn along with a new artist!

Ms. Pacheco


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