The Glass Castle

Can Ones Experience(s) Determine Ones Success?

About the Author: Jeanette Wells

Walls was born on April 21, 1960 in Phoenix, Arizona to Rex Walls (deceased 1994), and Rose Mary Walls. Walls has two sisters, Lori and Maureen, and one brother, Brian. Walls' family life was rootless, with the family shuttling from Phoenix, Arizona, California (including a brief stay in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco), Battle Mountain, Nevada, and Welch, West Virginia, with periods of homelessness. When they finally landed in Rex’s Appalachian hometown, Welch, W.Va., the family lived in a three-room house without plumbing or heat, infested with snakes and rats. Walls moved to New York at age 17 to join her sister Lori. She finished high school in the city, and with grants, loans, scholarships and a year spent answering phones at a Wall Street law firm, put herself through Barnard and graduated in 1984 with honors.
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Homelessness In America

Homelessness as I See It!

In your cooperative groups, create a YouTube video of what you know of homelessness, your perspective of homelessness and true facts about homelessness in your area. The video must be a minimum of three minutes in length and no more that 5 minutes in length.

Upload your video to YouTube and email me the link to

Vocabulary Collage

Using 15 of the vocabulary words provided and 5 you found from the text, create a collage depicting (describing) one of the themes. Overcoming Adversity, Defying The Odds, & Values of Personal Choices.

  1. miscellaneous
  2. gimmick
  3. surplus
  4. vulgar
  5. gibberish
  6. immunize
  7. figment
  8. magistrate
  9. cantankerous
  10. grievance
  11. precarious
  12. irate
  13. highfalutin
  14. destitute
  15. facade

The Glass Castle Soundtrack

In your groups create a soundtrack (12 tracks) CD for the novel The Glass Castle. Place each song in order that helps describe the plot of the novel. Write a brief description of the relevance (importance) of each song you choose.

For example:

The Glass Castle Soundtrack

1. Hard Knock Life.... Jay Z

2. The Greatest Love of All... Whitney Houston

3. We Are the World... Quincy Jones

4. Count on Me...Whitney Houston & Cece Winans.