CGELC Newsletter

June / July 2015

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Dear Parents/Gaurdians

Welcome to our second news letter for this year. The past few months have been full with learning and teaching.

I wish to bring to the attention to all parents of the correct dress code for long days at the pre-school. With winter approaching and with the weather being so erratic please dress your child wisely. It is recommended that children wear long pants with elastic bands as it is easy with their toilet needs. Please refrain from sending children with buckled pants. It is also recommended children wear runners (with socks) to school to avoid nasty slippery accidents. Please also bear in mind that preschoolers find it hard to manipulate shoe laces.

Please also find attached Castle Grove Clothing Policy.


The 2015 graduation ceremony and end of year concert will be held on Saturday the 28th of November at Wrights Road Community Centre from 1pm - 4pm . The change of time is due to the community centre not being available on Saturday mornings from now on.

Please keep the date and time free.

Thank You,

Warm regards,


New Addition To Our Team

It is with great pleasure we announce that Miss Shannon Browne has joined our team at Castle Grove Early Learning Centre. She is currently studying for her Bachelor in Early Childhood / Primary Education at Macquarie University. We will see her more at our centre during her university breaks.

She is looking forward to introducing herself to all our families.

With a number of special events and celebrations we have been very busy over the past two months! Here's a summary of everything we've been up to.

Sri Lankan New Year

Over the first two weeks of April we had a lot of fun learning about the traditions and customs of the Sri Lankan New Year.

Our celebrations included exploring different clothing, games and foods of the sinhalese culture. We were lucky to have some special traditional clothes that Miss Chandi and Ruvi brought for us to dress up in! We learned some of the traditional dancing to the cultural music. We also played games such as tug of war, pin the eye on the elephant, and donut eating race!

On the day of the Sri Lankan New Year (14 April 2015) , we had a very special incursion lighting the oil lamps, watching the milk boil over on a wood fire outside - this means that the year ahead will be filled with peace and prosperity, and we even had delicious meals tasting the different kinds of traditional foods throughout the day.

Anzac Day 100 Years

On the 25th of April 2015 Australia celebrated our hundredth Anzac Day! We spent some time learning about the soldiers and all the sacrifices they have to make to serve their countries.

We learned about the foods which soldiers eat called MREs (meal ready to eat), and how they are given rations. We also learned about the conditions they endure, working and sleeping in the trenches during warfare.

We made a poppy flower and learned about it's meaning. The poppy was the first flower to bloom in the land damaged by war in the French battlefields after the Great War (WW1), and the red colour of the poppy symbolises the blood lost by the soldiers who lost their lives, and since then it has become and international symbol of remembrance.

We also discussed that war is a sad thing, because of the lives that it costs, and how kind and selfless the soldiers are to give their lives to protect us!

We took an opportunity to understand how important it is to respect and love people from all around the world, and that it can be very interesting to be friends with someone who is from a different country than us! We can learn so much from them.

Mother's Day

9th of May was Mothers Day and we wanted to show our mums just how much we love them by spoiling them with gifts we made for craft. We took the time to appreciate everything our mums do for us. We all have many reasons to love our mums and here are some of the things we love about them:

Elliot - She does the washing, and cleans the toy room.

Alyssa - Because I make pictures for her. I can cuddle her and she gives me kisses.

Emily - She gives me clothes.

Leah- She makes me some surprises and kisses me.

Lavans - She cooks me yummy food.

Euan - She gives me presents, she gives me cars.

Nethula - She lets me sleep with my sister and sings me 'Wee Willie Winky' when I go to sleep.

Cristian - My mum makes my bed, hangs the washing, cleans the toy room, does the laundry and the dishes and I get hugs from her

Mahi - She washes the dishes and fetches me from school.

Xavier - She always cleans my room, vacuums and lets me go camping

VInara - She cooks me food, and helps me to go to sleep.

Jacob - Mummy cleans my room because it is messy and she tickles me and cooks me dinner.

Caitlin - She kisses us at night time and tucks me in when I go to sleep. She brings me to school

Daniela - I help my mummy to do the laundry. She hugs me, kisses me and cooks for me.

Ethan - Mummy cleans up

Sanlav - She cooks for me, and makes pizza. She makes good food!

Ciarna - My mummy lets me help her to do the dishes, she makes my bed and kisses me goodnight when I go to sleep.

We had so much fun making special surprise gifts for our mummy's to show them just how much we love them! What a beautiful experience to end it all off by sharing our love and appreciation for our mummys with a delicious tea together!

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We also found it extremely interesting discussing different landscapes. We spoke about both natural landscapes (such as deserts, mountains and volcanoes) and man made landscapes (such as cities and the pyramids in Egypt).

We looked at pictures and watched videos to learn all about deserts, dunes and the animals that inhabit these vast, dry landscapes. We planted some seeds in a tray of clay to make our own paddy field and watched as they have already to sprout little green shoots. We even did an exciting experiment with Miss Roshini by creating our own volcano! We stacked up some mud to look like a mountain a around a bottle, and then we filled the bottle with baking soda and red food colouring when it was all ready Miss Roshini poured some vinegar into the bottle and we watched as the 'Lava' erupted and flowed down the side of our volcano!

Puppet Show

On the 14 of May we had a puppet show at the school!

The puppet show was based on the children's story book "There Was and Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly" and then she had to swallow lots of other animals to catch the fly and the story continued until she was so very full!

What fun to have it done in a puppet show form! We really enjoyed it!!

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We'd like to take this opportunity to apologise for missing out wishing Sanlav on his 5th Birthday which he celebrated on the 21st of April.

Happy belated wishes, Sanlav.

We would also like to wish a Happy Birthday to all the following children who will be celebrating their birthdays in the next two months.


1 - Aria

3 - Elliot

14 - George

19 - Nethula

21 - Alyssa

23 - Ciarna

25 - Xavier


16 - Mahi