Come to our Colony in Connecticut

By Jose Moreno and Sunhith Mundla

Welcome to the country of Connecticut

Come to Connecticut you will not want to leave. we can offer you 3 acres of land per family so you can have an small farm. You want to know how? We have 5,544 square miles of land and Connecticut lives close to the ocean. So we make a lot of money buy sell fish and get lot of ship in and out of Connecticut.


Connecticut has 5,544 square miles of land, and water only covers 698 square miles so there is a lot of land for every! there is barley mountain in Connecticut the highest point is only in 2,380 feet above sea level. There are about 15 rivers all over Connecticut, So there is lots of water in Connecticut.

The goverment

Connecticut had a self-government that means that the people where the government. That is so much better then have the state make the rules. There government had some rules such as being royalty, proprietary, charter colonies

The Economy

Agriculture was the main industry in Connecticut. We mostly had corn, wheat, iron, live stock, timber, and furs.


We traded mostly by the rivers because it easy transportation. Iron, wheat, corn, live stock, timber, and furs where the main thing that we traded.