T & Jaye's Laga Fiesta

Bar and Grill

Laga Fiesta brings Mexico to Hawaii!

We bring Mexico to Hawaii all in one restaurant. We combine Mexico's spicy flavors with Hawaii's chill vibe. Together we bring an exciting cultural combination. We invite the young and old of all races and cultures to come and party with us. By combining these two extremely different but similar cultures we get amazing food, parties, and entertainment that everyone can enjoy.

Mission Statement

At T & Jaye's, we provide excellent service toward the customers and workers so that it will be a satisfying experience for everyone. Our workers are treated fairly and are obviously an extremely important part of our business so we like to keep them as happy as possible. Our business' sole purpose is to appeal to the customer and we will happily ask how your time was at T & Jaye's so that if you feel anything needs to be improved we will get it done so that your next experience is better.

Our Signature Dishes

Party With Us!

We provide you with: music Monday's, holiday specials, military discounts, birthday celebrations, dance party's and more! All you have to do is call in to make a reservation and we will happily be at your service.

Opening Hours

Monday- Thursday: 10:30 AM- 8:30 PM

Friday- Piñata Party Starts at 8 PM- 10 PM

Saturday- Luau Lounge Starts at 8 PM- 10 PM

Sunday- Closed

Our Predicted Future

In the first year T & Jaye's we will be exclusive to the Hawaiian Islands and the West Coast. After generating enough money and popularity, 5 years later, we will begin making fast-food chains. After 10 years T & Jaye's we will be in all 50 states and Central America. Our goal is to bring two different cultures and backgrounds together and have a party!


At T & Jaye's we hire the most qualified and efficient people that we can so that everyone can have a pleasurably experience. In our restaurant we have a consultative management. This means that managers listen to feedback from employees and adjusts when necessary.

Organization of Management

In each store we have two managers. They hold meetings every 2 weeks with the workers so that they can say if and when there is a problem with the restaurant or the workers. These problems will eventually be brought to a board of members that either take care of the issue or if it's too large they let it through to the CEO. From there, the CEO speaks to the President and Vice President if necessary.

Our Empolyees

At T & Jaye's we have experienced chefs, waiters, hosts, bartenders, dishwashers, and busboys. The board members are determined by the CEOs, President, and Vice President. The board discusses problems that arise in the workplace and establish change so that the higher level employees like the CEOs, President, and Vice President don't have to worry about it. The President and Vice President are the owners of the company and their partner.

Our Legal Structure

T & Jaye's uses the legal entity of LLC or Limited Liability Corporation. We use this legal entity because it allows great flexibility to customize the business and make it our own and it limits member liability so that we are not solely liable if something happens with the business or our employees.