Lets Not Be A Fool Lets Wear Orange

Lets start wearing orange on hunts


  1. What isn't safe when hunting?

  2. What can happen if you don’t use hunting safety?

  3. Why do we have hunting safety laws?

  4. Why do people avoid safety rules?
  5. Why do we enforce the rules so much?


What is hunting safety. Some of the reasons hunting isn't safe is because of common sense; some people don’t think about it. What are some common reasons for hunting not to be safe? This website shows that some people use The “T.A.B.K method.” What the T.A.B.K method is, is The T stands for Treat every firearm as if it were loaded. The A is always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. the B is Be certain of your target and what lies behind it. The K is Keep your finger outside the trigger guard until ready to shoot. they have this to make sure that you don’t use firearms inappropriately when on the hunt. Additionally other people will let you use land that they own, if you know the laws. This DNR website says “There are safe zones that protect the hunter and the animal” This news reporter also states in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette “Pennsylvania's hunting law takes precedence over local ordinances” what that is stating is that some people will let you hunt in their property lines, If you know the laws. While other people say hunting is dangerous, Yes it can be dangerous if you don’t know any common hunting safety tips. Hunting Safety needs to start and nobody will make it start if they don’t know how hunting can be safe. Other hunters go out with their family every year and hunt, we need to make hunting safety a thing for people that don’t use it. Some people attempt to hunt but never get the chance to because of some dumb incident that happened because that didn't follow the laws. This can include not knowing what lies behind the target, and whether or not it is a safe shot. I guess what I am trying to say is, Lets try to let other people be safe. They don’t need to get hurt because of some accident that we did because we weren't thinking


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