Sea Turtles

All About Sea Turtles

-The seven species that are still around today have been alive for 110 million years.

-They can not retract their head and feet into their shells.

-They are found in warm and temperate waters all over the world.

-Temperature of the sand where they nest determine the gender of the turtles. 85F and below are mainly male as well as 85F and above are mainly females.

-The average amount of eggs they lay are from 70-190 but very few survive until adulthood.

Why Are They Endangered?

-Often slaughtered for their eggs, meat, skin, and shell

-Suffer from poaching and over exploitation

-Habitat destruction and accidental capture in fishing gear

-Climate change has shown to affect the turtle nesting site

How to Protect the Turtles

-Turn off lights that can be seen from the beach so the baby sea turtles won't get confuse and go towards the inland instead of the sea

-Reduce the amount of chemical you use because they always find their way to the sea

-Pick up the garbage you see on the beach and reduce the amount of garbage you produce

-Be aware of nesting sites and leave them alone when near one

-Help stop climate change

Effect of their Extinction

-They provide nutrients to dunes making them able to grow plants which protects the beach from erosion. So without them the dunes would have less plants and the beaches would be shorter.

-They eat jellyfish that wreak the havoc on fisheries

-Some species eat sponges which help them from out-competing slow growing corals

-They are an important marine attraction for tourism and bring in a lot of income for several countries


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