Bailey Hadden

What is Cryogenics?

Cryogenics is the study of how something reacts to exceptionally low temperatures. Cryonics is the technique that is used in order to freeze or store bodies at low temperatures in hopes of one day being able to revive them.

How Does Cryogenics Help People?

Cryonics helps people by freezing a person who may not be able to be cured with today's technology in order to bring them back one day when they can be cured.

How Long Has Cryogenics Been Researched?

People have been researching cryogenics since 1877. On the other hand cryonics has only been researched since a little before 1947. The first person ever cryopreserved wasn't until 1967.

Ethical Concerns in Cryonics.

A concern with cryonics is if someone wants to be preserved and another person gets in the way of that and doesn't allow them to be, should that person be accused of killing the person who wanted to be cryopreserved?

Other Topics in Science

Cryonics also has a lot to do with ecology. Ecology is the study of organisms in their environment, cryogenics studies how organisms react to a certain environment so these two have a very close connection.

Future of Cryogenics

In the future there is hope that we will have the technology to cryogenically freeze someone and revive them. There is also hope that we will have cures for the diseases that the people who are cryogenically preserved have.
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