By: Colton B.

What Are They?

A supernova is when a star dies and explodes. About 1 billion supernovae happen in a year. When a star explodes, it ejects gases and creates a shock wave that can carry for a long way. A supernova also creates a supernova remnant that creates x-ray radiation. For a man made explosion to equal the explosive power of a supernova, you would have to make 2 nonillion bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. That's a lot of bomb!!!

Picture Of A supernova

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One Way A Supernova Occurs

The death of a star is actually quite simple. When the star gets old, the core gathers up a bunch of fuels from the outside of the star. This builds up the iron in the center. It also makes the star lose its fuel and no fuel means no star. Then it's just a matter of time before pressure and gravity take place and makes the star collapse on itself and explode.

Inside Of A Star

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Another Way How A Supernova Occurs.

Another way a supernova can occur is in a binary star system. A binary star system is when two stars orbit around the same point. In a binary star system, it is very likely to have a supernova occur. This is because one star is made up of carbon and oxygen (White Dwarf), takes matter from the other star. When the carbon and oxygen (White Dwarf) accumulates too much matter, it will cause a supernova.

Earth Compared To White Dwarf

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Video Of How A Supernova Happens

Stephen Hawking - Supernovas

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