Documenting my day

Kapria Collins


After I turned my alarm off, I instantly decided that I was going to check my text messages and reply to people that had texted me throughout the night. When I'm all finished replying to everyone I hop on Instagram, Twitter, and snap chat and spend sometime on there to see what has been going on throughout the night, if anything.


It's time to leave. I grab all my stuff and head out the door to my car. Once I unlock the door and get inside I grab my phone out of my purse and plug it into my radio so that I can play my kind of music. I reply to my text messages that I received and change the song before I take off. As I'm heading to school I'm receiving text messages; yes I do read them and reply to them as I'm driving but I use the voice commander to reply. I arrive at school and I chill in my car for a bite before I go in and I go reply to my text and go on Instagram then Twitter and then I head in.


As I'm walking to my classroom I'm on my Galaxy 3 sending text messages back to the IPhones then I put my phone in my purse pocket. It vibrates not even 30 seconds later so I take it out and read the message but don't reply. I walk into the class and take seat it my chair and look at my phone read the texts I got and lock my phone. After the pledge I take a look at my phone and see another message has came through so I decided I'd better reply. Class has started but I'm still carried away on my phone replying to my text. I pause for a second and reach into my backpack and retrieve my laptop so I can take notes. Throughout the 70 minutes I'm in economics I'm flipping back and forth from my laptop to take notes and my phone to reply to text messages and here and there take a peek on instagram and send a snap chat or two.


From the start of SRT I'm on my phone texting no stop. I would take a second from texting and hop on Instagram, twitter, Vine, send a snap chat, and I would also change the song on my music player. Throughout my whole entire school day it consist of me texting and stalking people on instagram and twitter. During class, in the hallways and even in the bathroom basically anywhere anybody found me they would catch me on my phone texting. End of the day walking out to my car I'm sending a text out.


My alarm goes off to wake up so I can get ready for work. I try and ease myself to wake up because I just woke up from my nap. So I go to my messages and respond to whoever has texted then I go on instagram to see if anyone's posted some pictures while I was sleeping. And I realized that it was 5:25 and I needed to get up off the couch but I didn't want to at the moment so I go on twitter and see what the twitter world had to offer me when I woke up. I take a look at the time and set my phone down put my Sky Zone shirt on press on my phone so I can see what time it is so I'm not late. I realize I got sometime so I finish up getting ready and here and there send a text message or two. Its about 5:35 and I head to my car plug my phone into the radio see that I have a message read it then don't respond, I get to the entrance of my neighborhood see that there are lot cars coming and I'll be waiting a minute so I decide I'll answer to two text. On my way to work and I send a message here and there and change the songs that are playing. I get to work and as I'm walking in I send my last couple of text before I clock in.


I clocked into work and I use a Sky Zone computer to do so. After I clock in, I head over to the computer were I meant with my party mom cause I have to check her in at 6 o'clock. I check her and the rest of the party in and I sent them up to jump. I get there party room together and has there time is winding down I get together there drinks, bring there pizza to there room and also there cupcakes. It hits 8:10 and that's when the party parents and party kids have to leave so I can clean then leave. After I was all done cleaning I got to clock out and go home.


After work I get to my car and I sit there and I answer back to the texts that I received while I was working. I get another text while I was responding to another one but ignore it and the rest of the text cause I wanted to see what was on instagram for the 3 hours I was at work. I see that nothing interesting was on instagram so I go back to my messages and send text messages to people that texted me.


I've just got done eating dinner, it was great. Although during dinner I kept getting in trouble because I had my phone out at the table when I wasn't supposed too. I had this sudden urge to check Instagram just because I had a feeling something good was on there and I was missing out on something. I just couldn't wait until after dinner to check out what everyone had been posting. Even though I just checked it like 25 minutes ago.


I grab my backpack after dinner so I can start my homework. I get as far as taking my pencil out and I distracted by my phone. I hear the ringtone go off that indicates I have a message so of course I have to look at it and I also respond. My phone keeps going off which means I'm getting no homework done at this point. I realize that its 10:05 and I've have gotten no where but where I was when I got done eating dinner. I attempt to put my phone away and get my homework done but I don't accomplish that. It keeps going off and I unfortunately kept responding into peer pressure of responding to the text. I actually got it done my homework done later than what I accepted but at least it got done.


Its been a long day. I'm finally settled into bed and I lay here for almost an hour before I can actually fall asleep. I answer back to text messages, explore instagram, check twitter, watch vine and send a snap chat and play little of my music to try to rest my eye before another long day tomorrow. I set my alarm, say goodnight to my mommy and finally close my eyes for a good night rest.

As I was collecting my data for my log sheet I saw that I was texting more than anything compared to being on instagram, twitter, snap chat and vine. I can honestly say that I'm not surprised, I figured I used technology most for texting because I'm literally always texting. I guess that's why I average at least 6,000 texts a month. I guess I meant the average teen text months a month cause according to Tony "The average teen processes an astounding 3,700 text a month". When doing my log sheet I realized that my face was more in a screen than anything else. Just like Tony Dokoupuli said "In less than the span of s single childhood, Americans have merged with their machines, staring at a screen for at lest eight hours of a day , more than we spend on any other activity including sleeping". I can admit I am part of those Americans that spend more time looking at a screen more than sleeping. I know I need to spend less time on my phone but its such a habit being on it, its going to be a struggle to try and stay off it. But I am willing to get it a try.