Weekly Newsletter Team 6

April 20-24


*Team 6 teachers are going to start tutoring sessions on Friday afternoons. From 1-3pm every Friday, Mrs. Bange, Ms. Hoyle, Mr. Akagi, and Ms. Griem will be hosting tutoring sessions for 30 minutes at a time, that any student from any hour can drop in on, if you feel like you need help. These are not required, but would be very helpful to drop in on if your student needed help.

Here is what our schedule will look like on Fridays:

1-1:30: Math tutoring session with Mrs. Bange

1:30-2: Science tutoring session with Ms. Hoyle

2-2:30: World Geo tutoring session with Mr. Akagi

2:30-3: Language Arts tutoring session with Ms. Griem

We know that this big change in education has been tough for a lot of students, and many students may find it more difficult to reach out with questions since they don’t see us in class every day. Our hope is that by offering these sessions, especially right before the weekend, students can clear up points of confusions, misconceptions, or just get some more help, from teachers.

All of us have been having one-on-one or small group meetings with students as needed, and we’re happy to help students. We hope by regularly scheduling these, students may feel more confident just dropping in. If students still feel like they could use other sessions with us on other days of the week, they can still reach out and set up a time!

If your student wants to stop on by for help, we’d love to see them there. If they only need to stay for two minutes to clear up a quick question, that’s great. If we need to spend 30 minutes walking through an activity step by step with examples, that’s a great use of time as well.

Students will be able to check out our Schoology pages to enter into a tutoring live session with us. We’re still in our trial phase though, so if you’re having trouble getting into a tutoring session, your student can shoot their teacher an email, so they can be invited directly! This might not go perfectly, but we’ll get it down with some trial and error!

*Core teachers are also available from 8-10 and 1-3 every day to help students. Students need to contact their teacher if they are needing help to set up a time to meet during office hours.

*Please remind your student to check their email! Students will be picking electives for next year through an email from our counselor, Mr. Frint. If they do not know how to check their email, they need to let a teacher know.

*If you are experiencing tech issues or need a replacement (computer or charger), call the help desk at 785-717-HELP (4357).

*If your child does not have WiFi Access, please have them notify their CAT Time teacher ASAP.

*NO SCHOOL-Monday, May 4th

*Please see the PDF below for explanation of your child's schedule. Your student's CAT Time has made a schedule for your child and sending it their email. Be sure your child is checking emails and Schoology daily.

World Geography with Mr. Akagi

For World Geography next week, we will continue our studies into Southwest Asia/North Africa (AKA the Middle East). We will look at the importance of oil to the region, and get to view a video from a Saudi Arabian K-State student describing what growing up in Saudi Arabia was like. Students will construct a short PowerPoint presentation about what they’ve learned about the region as we wrap up. They will not present this, but send it to me.

Additionally, if your student sometimes completes Geography assignments outside my classroom, you and your student will receive an email from me with the activity your student can complete. If you receive such an email, I will explain more there!

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Contact Us

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

melissahoyle@usd475.org or (785) 350-6285 (Google Voice)

kylerakagi@usd475.org or (785) 289-8953 (Google Voice)

krystlegriem@usd475.org or (785) 227-0003 (Google Voice)

lindsaybange@usd475.org or (785) 289-5662 (Google Voice)

ursulapopovich@ud475.org or (785) 289-5086 (Google Voice)

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