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Weekly Memo for STAFF

Week of January 27-31: Have a great week!

Streelman: Out of Office

I am out Tuesday-Friday. Yikes! I will have my phone and computer with me most of the time, so please don't hesitate to text or email.

What's Happening in the Eagle's Nest?

Tuesday and Wednesday

Jen and I are going to be out January 28-29. Billy is going to have a sub and be in the office to assist with any issues you may have. Thank you, Billy!

I am excited about this training. We were invited to be a part of the Data Impact Project with the DOE. Only 10 schools in Florida are participating! The DIP is all about ESSA and schools that have two or more subgroups represented. As you know, I have talked a lot about this in our PLCs, so I am hoping to bring back more information to help these subgroups succeed.


Congratulations to Rachel Roehm on being named the District's Project ONE New Teacher of the Year!

Guidance Counselor

Please join me in welcoming Mr. Brian Greseth as our new guidance counselor! We hope to have him start on Thursday of this week.

Literacy Week

We will celebrate Literacy Week this week. Thank you to Heather and Janelle for organizing this! Please text me pics you have with your students so I can share them!
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You will meet on Tuesday, January 28 in Heather's room. Please plan on bringing yourselves for now; she will email you if you need materials!

Happy 100th Day!

We are celebrating the 100th day January 28!

Retention Letters

We are sending home POSSIBLE retention letters on January 29. Team leaders, I shared an email Sunday with you regarding these. Copies are in your mailboxes.

Team Leader

Our meeting is Monday, February 3 at 3:30 pm.

Attention Needed!

Your mid-year review, in True North Logic, is due by January 31. You will go in and complete and submit. Please email me once you click submit so I can take care of it on my end in the system. If you would like to meet regarding this, please let me know. Otherwise, we can both sign off electronically on it.

Student-Led Conferences

Our conferences will take place February 5. The schedule is below. I will share a coverage schedule and mentor schedule prior to the conferences. We will ensure you have coverage to attend your child's conference. We will also have a handful of staff "on deck" to attend conferences for students without a family member present.
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Intent Form

Please fill out the intent form if you haven't already. Here is the link:

February Fun~~Kindness Calendar Below & Daily Activities!

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Shout Out!

Don't forget to leave a shout out on our bulletin board for your colleagues!

Lovely Opportunity

Please consider having your students make Valentine's cards in class. 104 year old WWII Veteran, Major Bill White, is requesting these for Valentine's Day this year. Please submit cards to me no later than February 6.

If you would also like to make generic Valentine's cards for current individuals serving our country, please let me know and I will mail those separately.

Valentine's Day

Feel free to celebrate Valentine's Day in your classrooms when and however you would like!

Math Unit Scores

Please update your math unit scores once you have them!

Student of the Week

Please use the Google Sheet to update your students of the week. The sheet has been updated through the end of February.

Exciting Art Contest!

There is a poster contest for Florida Department of Agriculture. The winner will have their artwork used in the 2020/2021 national school campaign for the whole country to see.

Here is the link for more info:

Deadline is February 7.

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Save the Date: February PLCs

As of now, our February PLCs tentative dates are: February 4, February 11 and February 26.

Progress Reports

Progress Reports go home February 12!
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Please encourage students to read for AR!

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PD Opportunities

Stop Motion Animation Workshop for Teachers:

Arts4All Florida and Title IV, Part A are excited to announce a new Teacher Institute “Stop Motion Animation for the Classroom” to be held February 14th and 15th in Tampa. This training will focus on instructional methods and ways to implement a stop motion animation program in a classroom with learners of all abilities. Teachers will be introduced to a variety of stop motion animation formats, including Claymation, whiteboard, papermation, and object animation, as well as storyboarding, planning, and editing films. IF you are interested, let me know ASAP.

Here is a link to an online webinar via Math Solutions:

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Please see FSA testing times and dates below.

FSA Dates

3rd Grade Reading: April 1-2

4th and 5th Grade Writing: April 1-2

4th and 5th Grade Reading: May 5-6

3rd-5th Grade Math: May 7-8

5th Grade Science: May 13-14

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Time Off Requests

Don't forget to include Joy, Meghan, and Jen in your time off requests!

Counseling Services

Dear teachers,

We will be increasing the number of students that receive independent or small group counseling services. This is extremely important for our students. Please allow students to leave your classroom for these therapies, even if it is during instructional/academic time. Thank you for your understanding.

Don't Forget!

Please respond to meeting calendar invites and also put your time off in Skyward!

Thank you for all you do! Have a great week!

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