Hip Hop Dancing

Katie Carnahan

Official Dance Link

History of Hip hop

Hip Hop was first talked about back in the 70's. Several movies were made with hip hop dancing in the background. August 11, 1973 is said to be Hip Hops' national birthday. The then, brand new innovation in sound.

Cardio Workout Nutrition ­ what to eat before and after? how long before and after a workout is best? why eat those particular foods for cardio?

Not fueling up your body before a workout is like trying to drive a car on empty. Just take about 5-10 minutes before your workout to eat. 20-60 minutes after you workout is a good time to eat carbohydrates, they store better. Always be hydrating with water. Afterwards you can eat whole wheat foods. And before you can mix your 100% juice with water to get all the nutrients needed.