KP Friday Focus

June 5, 2015

Things We Noticed This Week . . .

  • Students actively supporting one another at various nights events.
  • Teachers coordinating their hearts out to celebrate student progress and achievements.
  • Teachers relating content to student lives to increase engagement and teaching life lessons as well as content
  • Teachers just having fun with students during outings
  • A night to celebrate Quest students and their projects
  • The excitement and the pride of teachers, students and families during the 8th Grade Award Night
  • Language students digging deep as they formulated a plan for expository writing, identifying homophones, and connecting their reading about the Stanely Cup to current events and a local business.
  • Teachers saying so-long to Karen Gordon and wishing her all the best on her new journey.
  • 8th grade students standing up for each other and behaving maturely.
  • Teams coming together to support colleagues in need.
  • Math students supporting each other as they solve problems and using mis-steps as learning opportunities.
  • Teachers partnering with parents in the best interest of challenging students.

Last Days of School Activities Per Team

For your planning purposes, the Diamond Team will keep students on team during periods 1,3,4,5, & 8 on June 15 & 16. (If this presents a conflict, please contact Alison L).

The Sapphire Team is having a breakfast on June 15 during periods 2 & 3 in the small cafe. Please have all MA's drop off food in the small cafe during MA. We will set up during period 1. Periods 4, 8 & 9 in rooms 213;214;215;216 and period 5 Lunch, Period 6 LL, Period 7 UA

Amethyst Team

Monday- Wrap up and reflections in classes as well as later afternoon yearbook signing.

Tuesday-Light breakfast, grade level yearbook signing, team activities including a slide show.

Upcoming Events

6-5-2015 - - - - SPIRIT DAY!

  • Algebra Finals in Sm/Lg Cafeteria - 8 to 10AM
  • 6th Dimension to Smith, Morley, Whiting Lane - 8:45 to 1:45PM
  • Grade 8 to High Meadow
  • Jazz Band at the Pond House - 7PM
  • 6th Grade Concert - period 9
  • Faculty Meeting
  • 8th Grade Promotion Rehearsal - 10:00AM
  • CSI - Building
  • Promotion Ceremony - 5:30PM
  • KP Idol Finals - 11:30 to 2:50PM
  • KP Singers Pot Luck - 6:00PM
  • 6th Grade to Silver Lanes - 9:15 to 1:30PM

Gems Awards to:

  • Johannah Kosienski and Marisa Tamayo, Ashley Carlson, Cynthia Asal, Eric Lord, Megan Cassidy, Kate Pearson, Kim Harrell, Maile Aleksa, Margie Scobbo, Laura Swenson, Mariana Sgarbi, Marty Keena, Sally Nyhan, Stephanie Kozicki, Shoshana LaPointe and Sue Martucci from admin colleagues for your hard work and commitment to celebrating our diverse community and proving that Diversity is our Strength!
  • Jeanne Pascon and Laura Swenson from admin colleagues for coordinating a well organized showcase of QuEST student projects.
  • Sally Nyhan, Nancy Salvatore and Nancy Faulkner from admin colleagues for all your work in helping to coordinate the 8th Grade Awards Night.
  • Justin Gusy and Marc Kotler from colleague Joy Wright for being Rock Star Partners anyway but especially for your support of our staff and students over the past couple of weeks, especially after hours.
  • Nancy Salvatore from colleague Justin Gusy for all of her efforts to orchestrate the High Meadow outing.
  • Nancy Salvatore from colleague Justin Gusy for all her efforts to organize the 8th grade awards ceremony.
  • Monique Heavren from colleague Justin Gusy for all of her efforts to organize the 8th grade awards ceremony.
  • Karen Walsh from colleague Justin Gusy for all of her efforts to get our materials returned.
  • Susanne Torcasio from colleague Justin Gusy for all of her efforts to organize the 8th grade awards ceremony.
  • Francine Hechenbleikner (and husband Paul) from admin colleagues and the Wellness Committee for opening her home to the KP staff to celebrate the school year.
  • Art Yepes from colleague Marc Kotler for going well beyond the call of duty for assisting a student with a private matter.
  • Alison Lessard from colleague Marc Kotler for organizing the 6th grade bowling trip for all three teams.
  • Karen Gordon from Admin Colleagues and the KP Staff for her dedicated service to KP Staff and students.

Coffee House will also have lemonade and iced tea!

COME DOWN TO COFFEE HOUSE and witness life skills at work!

Where: Teacher's Lounge

When: Monday's- during MA and 1st period

What's Brewing: ICED COFFEE!!!!!!! in addition to the regular hot beverage choices.

Why: It's only .50 cents and because you will be supporting our Special Needs Life Skill curriculum.

​Thank you for your support!​

Final Grade Entry dates - FYI from IT department - IMPORTANT

IT has changed the final grade entry dates to reflect the new end of school year date.

FYI - B4 grades can be entered 6/15 - 6/16 (it was 6/9 - 6/10 before IT changed it today).

If any assignments are due in that time frame, they will show up in both B4 and Q4. The only way around that is for the teacher to manually override the B4 grade.

Stay Connected

Professional Learning Opportunites

Good Afternoon,

The attached document was reviewed at Principals' Leadership. It lists a number of opportunities for summer PD both through CREC and the CTCore website. Of particular note are online and on demand learning opportunities through CTCore. Please take some time to review the listings.


Nancy DePalma