Nuclear Energy Vital for Future

What is Nuclear Energy and Why is it Vital

What is Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy is the energy inside of the nucleus (the core) of an atom. Atoms make up everything around us and in our universe, the power inside the nucleus is powerful enough to create electricity. In order to get get the energy from the nucleus me must release it from the atom. There are 2 ways we can release the energy from the atom's nucleus, nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. In nuclear fusion is when energy is released by fusing two atoms together, nuclear fission is when energy is released when atoms are split apart. Nuclear power plants use nuclear fission to create energy.

Nuclear Energy Facts

  • Nuclear Energy provides about 6% of the worlds energy.
  • Nuclear energy powers some military submarines and air craft carriers
  • The first nuclear power plant to provide commercial quantities was the Calder Hall power station In the U.K in 1956
  • Nuclear power plants have an overall good safety record but are highly debated
  • Every year and a half to two years nuclear power plants close down to clean and remove nuclear waste
  • Pollution dropped 80-90% in France when Nuclear Power became there main source of energy

Nuclear Energy Pros and Cons


  • Nuclear powers creates no air pollution or carbon emissions at all.
  • Provides many jobs and careers
  • Nuclear power provides low costing electricity to humans around the world
  • Releases no emissions or chemicals in to the air
  • Uranium is much more abundant than coal. Coal is expected to vanish in the next 20-45 years
  • Creates 1,400 to 1,800 well paying jobs every time a power plant is built

  • Disposing of nuclear waste is difficult and dangerous
  • Nuclear meltdowns are rare but catastrophic
  • Expensive to build power plants

Why is Nuclear Energy so Vital for the future ?

  • We won't have to import as much energy if we commit to nuclear energy
  • Nuclear power plants produce 20% of the U.S energy which accounts for 70% of carbon-free electricity
  • One reactor can replace 19 natural gas plants which can save 5.5 million tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  • Each Nuclear Power Plant creates at least another 1,000 work jobs

Quotes on Nuclear Energy

  • All the waste in a year from a power plant can be stored under a desk - Ronald Reagan
  • Nuclear power is a base-load, meaning its power you can run anytime you want, day or night, and its carbon free - Nathan Myhvrold
  • Nuclear power is one heck of a way to boil water - Albert Einstein
  • While nothing is certain, I firmly believe our nation is on the verge of a nuclear energy renaissance. - Micheal K Simpson

Nuclear Energy Compared to Natural Power