Francisco Coronado

Read to discover Coronado's journey across the western US.



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early life

Coronado was born in 1510 in Salamanca, Spain,a place in spain. He was born to a wealthy family. He was raised in a large house. He was educated in the finest school. Coronado was not the oldest of his Dad's sons. So that meant he could not get the family wealth. Traveling to New Spain,is now mexico city.In 1535. He had landed a job as a viceroy, governor of new Spain. He set out with about 300 Spanish soldiers and 1000 Indian.

The death of a dream.

On July 7 1540 Coronado and his men arrived at the first 7 city's of gold it was the Hawikuh , a tribe. Located in now western New Mexico. There was not any gold. All there was some stone crystals and pieces of Emerald. This was a trading tribe, a tribe that trades. they did not trad for gold. He set his men different directions. Coronado group found the Grand canyon , a big canyon.

Final years

He served as a member of the cities council, a group of people that make decisions . He failed his mission to discover the 7 cities of gold,7 cities full of gold. He was one the first European explorers,European people that explored. to visit the american west. He married well. He married Dona Beatriz.He died in 1554 in Mexico, city.