Important Information: i-Ready

1st-4th Graders Will Take the Diagnostic 9/21 Though 9/25

Dear Lions Families,

Our 5th Grade students took the i-Ready Diagnostic Test this week and the process has been smooth. We have had some students who have not started the diagnostic yet, and we are in the process of contacting families to ensure that all of our 5th graders complete this test.

We will share the results of the diagnostic with our families in the coming weeks, and it is extremely important that all of our students take this assessment to so we have accurate data on student progress, especially with such a long gap from March to the present for in-school instruction. We will use this data to provide targeted instruction and intervention moving forward, and we will measure this targeted instructional approach with a mid-year assessment in January.

Next week, all 1st through 5th grade students will be taking the diagnostic assessment. Through our observations with our 5th graders, we learned that this assessment takes at least two sessions of 45 minutes to 1 hour, however, many of our students took up to 5 days to complete the diagnostic. This is perfectly acceptable and demonstrates that many students are taking their time and doing their best.

The most important part of the diagnostic is that it must be completed independently. If your child appeals for help, please encourage them to do their best, but in order for us to get accurate results, it's important for your child to do this own their own. We appreciate your support with this!

What is i-Ready?

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Click on the Link Below for a Brief i-Ready Video

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How Can I Help My Child Prepare for the Diagnostic?

Typically, the diagnostic assessment is taken in person at school and is proctored by a teacher. Unfortunately, we are in an online format, so the test will need to be taken at home. Teachers will include one-hour asynchronous sessions for grades 1st through 5th grades over the next two weeks. Teachers and staff will be available during these sessions to support students, monitor progress on our i-Ready dashboards, and be available to answer student questions.

We kindly ask the following during the scheduled diagnostic sessions:

  • Find a quiet space for your student to take the Diagnostic.
  • Gather paper and pencils for your child to use during the Diagnostic, especially the math portion.
  • Do not assist your child with answering assessment questions, as this may lead to the online lessons not being at the right level for your child or may lead to their teacher receiving inaccurate information
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Diagnostic Assessment Schedule

Week of 9.21: 1st through 4th Grade Diagnostic during asynchronous one-hour sessions in the mornings, Monday-Friday (see daily schedule for specifics). We anticipate students will complete both the reading and math diagnostic within 2 to 3 days, however, we scheduled a total of 5 one-hour sessions to allow for make-ups and introductions to the i-Ready lessons for when students complete the diagnostic.

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