By : Jennifer Carrillo

How can you treat Ringworm

In some cases you can treat ringworm with creams or ointments. Use a antifungal cream with miconazole or clotrimazole cream include Micatin , Mycelex , and Tinactin.

Here's some treatments that you can do :

- wash the rash with soap and water, and dry thoroughly

-for bigger areas of blistered sores use compresses something thats made with " burow's solution " so you can soothe and dry out the blisters

- apply antifungal cream beyond the edge or border of the rash

- follow the directions on the package , if you want to get cure ! Don't just use the medicine because you want your symptoms to go away. If you don't follow them well you're probably gonna have to keep the treatment going for like 2 to 4 weeks.

- If your symptoms don't cure in 2 weeks , then call your doctor

- if your rashes don't cure after using the treatments you're most likely gonna have to use Antifungals pills

- IF you have any other disease near the ringworm this treatment could cure it too, especially if you have " athlete's food " .

i used some of the information from a website to help me .

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