The California Drought

By: Oliver Krehbiel

Water for life

75% of earth is water. It is vital for life. But most of the water is saltwater. Humans cant drink saltwater. Most of the freshwater is frozen.

There Is a Horrible Drought In California

Most of California is facing horrible drought. There is no water. California needs freshwater. There is no fresh water in california

There is no end in sight

Each day the drought gets more severe. People cant even water their lawns. They have to conserve water each day. Lakes are being dried up by the drought. It is destroying the ecosystems.

The picture to the right shows the lake before than during the drought.

Solutions are being thought of

Government officials are thinking about making salinity treatment plants. These would take the salt of ocean water and make it into freshwater. This would help get water back in California

The picture to the left shows a salinity plant.