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Mrs. Knueven's Classroom Newsletter

Upcoming Events

9/7 Labor Day (No School)

9/9 Map Skills Quiz

9/9 ALICE lesson with Mrs. Farley

9/11 Chapter 1 Science Test

9/11 Wordly Wise Unit 2 Test

9/11 Scholastic Book Orders due

9/16 Spelling Assessment

9/17 Camp Tecumseh

9/18 Camp Tecumseh

9/25 Bullying prevention lesson with Mrs. Cox

9/30 Jog A Thon

10/9 End of 1st 9 weeks

Curriculum Corner


We have been studying the mentor texts, Fireflies! by Julie Brinckloe and Thundercake by Patricia Polacco. Fireflies! is a story that tells of a small moment, catching fireflies in the summer. Thunder Cake is a story of a girl who is afraid of thunderstorms until her grandma teaches her to make thunder cake. Using small moments and overcoming fears are just two places our writers may find their inspiration for their narrative writing. This week, we will looking over the narrative writing checklist, beginning the brainstorming process, and doing some modeled writing to help give a clear idea of expectations.


Spelling lists will be sent home tomorrow. We will be working on this set of words both this week and next week, with a spelling assessment on Wednesday, 9/16. The assessment will contain the 10 given words, plus 4 "mystery words." Through our work with each lesson, the goal will not be simply to memorize 10 words. Students will be learning about spelling patterns so that they can apply those patterns to many more words! For example, this first list will focus on CVC, CVCe, CVVC, and CVV words. If students know that the vowel pattern of -ay makes a long a sound, they should be able to apply that not only to their spelling words of day and stay, but others such as tray and gray. Just a reminder, ALL students will be completing this list together to establish routines for spelling. After we return from Camp Tecumseh, students will be working within four differentiated groups, based upon their spelling inventory.

Wordly Wise

Our second Wordly Wise assessment will be this Friday. 2C and 2D will be due on Thursday. Lesson 1 tests went home on Friday, so please use that as an indicator of whether or not your child needs to adjust his/her studying for this next assessment.


We will begin our grammar work with parts of speech. We will be specifically working with nouns this week.

Indiana History

Tomorrow will be a review day for our quiz on Wednesday. For the quiz, students will need to know the following:

  • Label the following on a world map: Equator, Prime Meridian, Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn, Antarctic Circle, Arctic Circle
  • Identify the following given a picture or diagram: lines of latitude, lines of longitude, compass rose, scale, key, and the 4 hemispheres
  • Given lines of latitude and longitude, identify the location
  • Give the relative direction between two locations on a map (i.e. Bloomington is (south) of Indianapolis)

Interactive maps and a few worksheets on map skills should have come home last week. These will be your best tools for studying!


***NEW TEST DATE*** Because our class lesson for ALICE is during our science time on Wednesday, I am moving the test to Friday to ensure we have plenty of time to review. Look for science books to begin coming home tomorrow. The ISTEP+ review on pages 57-61 will serve as the study guide. The test will follow a very similar format. Next week, we will begin planning a whole class inquiry project to prepare us for science fair.


We will begin Unit 2 this week. We will begin using our binders to take notes and practice, so please make sure your child has brought in a binder. Unit 2 will cover place value, using data, and a review of addition and subtraction. Don't forget that your child can be reviewing all of these concepts at home on Khan Academy! I will continue assigning the lessons that we have learned so students can practice.

What is ALICE?

A.L.I.C.E. is Zionsville's protocol for an intruder and is an acronym for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate. In the circumstance of a safety concern within our building or surrounding area, we will follow this protocol for safety.

What Should I Bring to Camp?

Packing lists were sent home on Friday! The news is reporting that I-65 is open again, which should make for much easier travels. Please note that all students must be picked up on Friday, September 18 at 2:00 at Eagle Church. If you have a conflict, please arrange for a friend, relative, or classmate to pick up your child. If you are a chaperone, you child will need to ride the bus to camp, but is welcome to ride home with you. I just need a note so I can keep track of everyone!

I have had several questions about whether students can bring iPhones, iPads, or other technology. Please leave these at home for the following reasons:

1) They are expensive and we do not want students to have the responsibility of these getting lost or damaged.

2) We will have no cell phone reception (there is a landline in the case of emergency), so calling and texting is not an option.

3) This is a time for students to unplug, interact with each other, and learn!

You are welcome to send a disposable camera, but even that really isn't necessary. I will have my camera there and always end up taking hundreds of pictures that I am happy to share!

Final Call for Scholastic Book Orders!

I will be placing our first Scholastic Book Order this Friday. Not only are these books reasonably priced and a great opportunity to add to your child's personal library, but the more books our class orders, the more FREE books they send four our classroom library!