Bounce app

A fun easy way to share ideas on a website

Have ever wanted to write on a website - put directions on it for your students? arrows?

You can leave comments anywhere on a web page, perhaps showing students the order you want them to complete a task in or assigning different parts of a text-filled website to different groups to analyze and report on. Bounce is one site that lets you easily perform these tasks.

It is an app, so download it to see how it functions on your ipad!

Try it today.... with your favorite website!

From the controls in the panel, you may then create a red box anywhere on the image and leave comments within the red box. You can do this as many times as you want, adding as many comments as you want. Clicking the "Save" button in the top right of the editing panel gives you the new URL which you can share with students. Visiting the URL will take them to your annotated page.

Bounce also allows you to upload a graphic, say an explanation of how to use a microscope. You can then annotate the picture showing students the correct process for use. No registration is required to use Bounce. If a page is very long, Bounce may require a little while to convert it.