European Brown Bear

by K.A.

European Brown Bear Description and Food Chain and Habitat

European Brown Bear Description

  • Classification-Mammal
  • Body Covering-brown coat of fur
  • Weight-176-1500 pounds
  • Height- 3-5 feet
  • Smell, groaning sounds
  • Climb, swim, eat everything

European Brown Bear Food Chain and Habitat

  • Food sources-berries, nuts, plants, smaller mammals, fish
  • Find food/Terrain-meadows, mountains, coastlines, river, tundra
  • Brown Bear is a omnivore and is the top predator in it's food chain
  • Location-Europe, Slovakia, Romania, Siberia
  • Climate-hot, cold, varies to there location
  • Home-den

European Brown Bear Adaptation

European Brown Bear Adaptation

  • Protection-claws
  • Structure-teeth, smell, camouflage(brown fur), warning(groaning)
  • Behaviors- migration and hibernation,
  • Getting Food- claws, smell, teeth
  • Hunting Structure and Behavior- out run rea-up, camouflage to sneak up, smell to locate, teeth/claws for killing and eating


The European Brown Bear is endangered due to the fact of human settlement and being hunted. Endangering more Brown Bears can be avoided by not provoking them, not hunting them for sport, and last creating reserves and protecting their homes and settlements :D Every Little Bit Helps