''To Radiant Southern Sun i give you Queen Susan''

By Ryann Gaglio

About Me

I am Susan Pevensie and second eldest. I very serious when it comes to Lucy one of my siblings. One of my other siblings is Peter i think he is to hard on, Edmund he is my other sibling. I by myselve is the gentlest child out of us Pevensie.
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When I hear Aslan's name

When Mr. Beaver meantioned Aslan's name I felt'' as if some delicious smell or some delightful strain of music had just floated by her.'' I think Edmund didn't think Aslan was such a good thought. Peter looked like he wanted a adventure and little Lucy i bet was thinking like it was Chrimas morining.
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Father Christmas's Gift to me

On our way to The Stone Table Mr. Beaver told us to hurry up because she the White Witch was behind us. He hid us and told us we had a vistor. When we came up we saw a man he was Father Chistmas. We got royale gifts,eveyone but Edmund. I got a a bow and some arrows also a magical horn to blow into in case of of trouble.

What i really want from Father Chistmas my brother back, I mean Edmund. I think he would help us a lot on our journey. I think Peter and Lucy wants him back to.

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Favorite Quote

In the book my favorite sentence is ''You couldn't have found a Robin with a redder chest or a brighter eye.''
The quote makes me bright and happy. Also helped us find our way to the beavers that really helped us.

To my dearest readers, if you love archery then you will love L.A. Archery. In the link below you could learn to shoot an arrow almost as good as I can.

"We'll Be Home Soon" ~ Susan