Christmas Eve at St. John Vianney

Call for Children and Youth Mass Participants by 12/13/14

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Multiple Roles for children and youth open for participation in Christmas Eve Mass

The children and youth of St. John Vianney Parish and St. John Vianney Catholic School are being recruited to portray roles in this year’s Christmas Eve Mass and Pageant at the 4:00 mass on Christmas Eve. This is a great way for young people to be a part of the spirituality of celebrating the holidays. Once again Martin Jennings will be coordinating and directing children and youth for this year's Christmas Eve mass. As many know, this is the 4th year using costumes which replicate the costumes worn by the figures of the nativity scene statues used each Christmas at St. John Vianney.

Handouts and information will again be available after all masses in the church December 6th and 7th, 2014 in the church vestibule.

Martin Jennings will be available to meet young people and their parents after 4:00 mass on Saturday, 12/6/14 and after 11:00 mass on Sunday 12/7/14. Be sure to check the “Registration Information” in the vestibule where hard-copies of the information also included as a link in this flyer will be available and families can sign up to participate.

  • ..................…..Don't forget to click on the video link at the end of this online flyer for a quick memory of last year's Christmas Eve Mass on December 24, 2013!

Roles Available

There are roles for children from kindergarten through 12th grade. Leading, Feature and Ensemble roles include characters (without speaking lines) as well as roles for 5th-8th grade students as lectors/readers as well as participation in the "Christmas Eve Choir."

For detailed information about open roles available and "Participation Application" for the 2014 Christmas Eve Mass, click on the red box below.

Click for Roles Available + Participation Application

The participation application can be downloaded and printed. Directions to return applications are explained in the document.

Rehearsal Schedule

Scheduled Rehearsals:

  1. Sunday: December 21, 2014 - 12:30-2:00 pm (Leading Characters, Readers, Lectors)
  2. Tuesday: December 23, 2014 - 10:00 am - 12:00 pm (ALL Characters, Readers, Lectors, Singers, Choir)
  3. Wednesday: December 24, 2014
  • 3:15 pm (All participants arrive)
  • 4:00 pm (Mass)
  • 5:30 pm (Students dismissed)

All Rehearsals will be held in the church at St. John Vianney.

St. John Vianney Christmas Eve Mass Contact Information and Details.

For more information, please contact Martin Jennings via e-mail at the address included below, or contact the St. John Vianney Parish Office with the following information by Friday, December 13, 2014:

  1. Child's Name(s): (include all children's names in the family who would like to participate as well as age and grade in school)
  1. Role preference if available for each child
  2. Parent/Family Names
  3. Parent/Family Email Address(es)
  4. Parent/Family Telephone Number
  5. Parent/Family Alternate or CellphoneNumber