Jesse carrigan 4/Ms.Green


Rainforest food web

One of the primary consumers are the jaguar in the food web which is a tertiary consumer because it eats the secondary consumers and primary. As the monkey eats the banana tree which is a producer which supplies food for the millipede as a consumer.

Human Impacts

    • Many indigenous people live in rainforests. When they lose their homes due to deforestation, much culture goes with them as well. Deforestation hurts them because their natural resources for their way of life are taken away.Many of the medicines that are used today come from the rainforest. By destroying the plants of the region, humans lose potential medicines that may help to cure diseases. Right now, 121 prescription drugs use plants as a remedy. Along with the loss of plants, knowledge of medicinal plants are lost as well. The indigenous people know the tropical rainforest inside and out, but as these indigenous people become older, they will lose the ability to pass the information along to the next generation. Struggles over racial and ethnic rights will happen, in addition to competition for land by companies.