Stephen "cooler kid" Gilmore


Estuary Food Web

My biome is the estuary biome. The producers consisted of cordgrass, eel grass, and duckweed. The 1st level producers are bass, ducks, and zooplankton, to name a few. 2nd level consumers are otters and seals. Some otters are known to eat baby seals

Humans impact on the environment

Humans impact the environment in many ways and they are good and bad. One way they impact the environment is helping the plants grow. Also there's a bad side to that, they fertilizer they use turns into runoff. One more way is they help the ocean with artificial reefs helping aquatic life get back on track. The last way we ruin the environment is pollution. Poullution of the the ocean and all the environment is the worst thing we can do.

Animals role in food web

The three organisms are cordgrass, bass, bull shark. This would be a food chain off of the food web. The producer would be the cordgrass. The bass would be the primary consumer from this chain. Finally the bull shark would be the top level consumer. If one of these died out the whole web would be effected.