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Our first official classroom newsletter! I am hoping this newsletter will provide you with an addition piece of Room 23's learning puzzle. You will receive this online newsletter monthly.

It is intended to keep you informed about the learning taking place in the classroom and any addition learning that can be practiced at home - Look for the ASK YOUR CHILD TO….(This will help you gauge whether or not your child has grasped the concept or still needs additional practice.)

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General Outcome Grade 3&4- Use patterns to describe the world and solve problems.

Students have been working on creating,describing, extending,comparing both increasing and decreasing patterns both in PICTURE AND NUMBER FORM.

*The grade 4's have also been exploring and creating patterns found in tables, charts (multiplication charts).

Reflex math is up and running! Please take the time to allow your child to play this at home. All Grade 4& 5 classes in the division are working on building their mental math with the help of Reflex math! Click on the link below to take you to the reflex math website. (Please let me now if you are having difficulty logging in from home).

Ask your child to:

* Show you an increasing & decreasing pattern with pictures (shapes, items from around the house) and numbers. Ex 5, 15, 25, 35

* Ask your child to skip count by multiples of 2's, 3's, 4's 25's , 10's - forwards and backwards... By numbers higher then 100(Gr.3) 500 -1000(Gr.4) .

This is a skill that is the springboard to understanding multiplication.

** Many of us are having difficulty with skip counting **

Reflex Math

Click on button to take you to reflex math

Pattern Practice

Click on this link for pattern practice ( Click on Grade 3 or 4 for grade specific outcomes)

Language Arts

Literacy is incorporated into everything we do on a daily basis.

During writers work shop this past month we have learned about 'Bold beginnings' or introductions that grab the reader attention and make them want to read more. We have been practicing using ; Sounds, Questions and Talking and/or dialog as bold beginnings.

We have also began our study on Non-fiction writing to go along with our Habitats theme study in Science.

Epic Reading

click on button to take you to epic home reading

Spelling City (Online spelling practice)

Spelling city is an online spelling practice- Our spelling program (Words their Way) can be found on this sight. 'Search- Word Lists'


Social Studies- The first few months have been about team building in Room 23. After learning about the way we all learn (Different ways to be smart), our major focus has been on daily morning meetings. The morning meets are all about:

*developing positive relationships with others

*collaborating with one another


*problem solving as a class and in small groups


*mindfulness (self and others)

*Eye contact, voice projection and facial expression are also a major focus during our morning meeting


Habitats- Students have been exploring and comparing ways in which plants and animals satisfy their needs in particular habitats.

We have done several experiments and learned about adaptations of both plants and animals. (See our classroom Instagram for pictures and videos of our experiments).

Students are learning about the food chain and the importance of all 'links in the chain'

*In the coming weeks students will be designing a habitat with both plants and animal.

Ask Your child:

*What are the basic needs of plants and animals?

*What is a habitat?

* Tell me about plant or animal adaptations - What does adaptation mean?

Mark your Calendar

November 3rd- Picture retakes

November 9th- Remembrance Day Service 10:45

November 10th & 11th- No school

November 15th- Early dismissal

November 23th- Report cards go home

November 24th- Student Led Conferences 4:30-7

November 25th- Student Led Conferences 9:30-11:45

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