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HEALTH FAIR - Hancock Senior Services

Hancock County Senior Center

Hawesville, KY

(270) 927-8313

May 13, 2016 ~ Friday ~ 9:00-11:00am

Now Scheduling Classes & Wellness Consultations

If you would like to schedule an essential oils class, or a personal wellness consultation please contact me at (270) 313-2702 or by Email.

Wellness Advocates - Schedule an essential oils class during May or June and receive a USB diffuser when 6 non-members attend. Contact me to schedule...

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Our Groups Greatest Asset... YOU

Our group has one of the greatest assets there is... Our Members!

We are a group of caring, compassionate people who are always willing to help, and share with each other. The knowledge we each have gained through our own research, and experimenting, is the most valuable thing we can offer those of you just getting started with essential oils. Let me know if you'd like to work more closely with one of our members, sometimes we are more comfortable working with someone we already know. Should you ever need my assistance I'm available for each of you to contact at any time. Email, text, or call...

I may not be able to answer right at that moment, but be assured, I will get back with you!!!

Private Facebook pages are accessible to our enrolled members. You can post questions there and find the answers you are looking for. One of our pages has thousands of people from all over the world, so chances are someone will be around and have the answer you are looking for :) Hey, if we don't know the answer we will find it!

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doTERRA Special Promotions

During the month of May wholesale members who joined in previous months can earn the Cedarwood essential Oil with a 125pv LRP order by the 15th of the month. This offer is known as the LRP Product of the Month (POM) and one special oil is available to you every single month with your Wholesale Membership.

Cedarwood is a calming oil. I use it on my temples when i have head tension. Just rub a drop on my temples, neck or where ever there is tension. Be sure to check your Modern Essentials book to see the properties and common application methods of this wonderful oil. Give it a try!

The Spa Hand & Body Lotion is 10% off this month! I love this all natural unscented lotion. Use for all over moisturizing, and to dilute your essential oils before applying. The perfect moisturizer with no toxic chemicals.

If you've been thinking about getting your doTERRA Membership May is the perfect time to enroll! Take advantage of this great offer and get the Breathe Special with any 200pv order this month only:

May 200pv Offer ~ We have a very special May promotion for you. doTERRA is offering you an added special offer of Breath products with any 200pv order this entire month, enrollment orders are included in this special offer! The offer is valued at over $90 and is a great bonus addition to any order over 200pv. This is one of our favorite offers because it benefits all members... both old and new!

Enroll this month and set up your LRP order for next month... I love getting the LRP Product Of The Month, it's an extra bonus doTERRA makes available to us. By placing my order online through LRP I also get every penny of my shipping back in points to use later for free oils. Never before have I known of a company that gives their members so many extras!

DON'T FORGET, you also get 10-30% back on each LRP's pv value in points! I use my points for items that I've been wanting to try and for samples to share with others! :)


Essential oils come from plants. Most of us are aware of the benefits of herbs, and many of today's pharmaceuticals originally came from plants. With this in mind, we can understand how plants can provide us with healing benefits by supporting our bodies and helping to maintain our health. Essential oils are not a new idea. They have been used for thousands of years, and were among the most highly valued possessions in ancient times.

Essential oils are not medicine! Many essential oils naturally contain antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic, or anti-parasitic properties. This makes them a powerful, natural solution to many of the issues we deal with today...

Essential oils have been shown to support, maintain or improve health, wellness, or structures and functions of the body like the brain, the heart, the liver, muscles and joints, the respiratory system, cognitive function, etc...

Come join our upcoming classes, or schedule your own and learn how these pure, safe, therapeutic essential oils can make a difference in your, and your families lives!

For more information please contact me at (270) 313-2702.

Ask me how to get your Wholesale Membership and save 25% off prices shown on my website. Friends don't let friends buy retail!

I'd love to help you save money, and get the very best oils available!

Special Resources For Our Members

Reminder: Wholesale Members in our group have access to our special groups:

Private Facebook Group ~ Living The Essential Oil Life

Private Facebook Group ~ Everyday Essential Oils (New)

You will find regular posts here giving information, blend recipes, diffuser blends, new products, or info. on how to use essential oils to support and maintain wellness.

Feel free to join in with questions or comments :)

For Business Builders:

Private Facebook Group ~ Living The EO Leadership Life

Optional Benefit Of Membership:

Earn the Product of the Month with a 125pv LRP order by the 15th.

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Wellness Consults are available to those receiving this newsletter. Be Sure To Ask Me About Your Bioimpedance Nutrition Scan

This is an opportunity to sit down and look at issues you may be dealing with and discover natural solutions. Please contact me to schedule your personal wellness consultation!

Essential Oils Give The Body What It Needs To Heal Itself!


Enroll with me and get:

$25 in GOODIES with the Family Physician kit.

$50 in GOODIES with the Home Essentials kit (it includes a diffuser) PLUS with this kit get the May Promotion of the Breathe Products valued at over $90.

You choose your kit! Plus get TONS more...!


No selling required.
No further purchases required.

Plus TONS more freebies!

Everyone gets:
a wholesale membership which allows you to save 25-55% off retail
access to our private team Facebook pages where you can ask questions, and learn lots

Plus My gifts to you:

  • essential oil reference book (Learn how to use your oils)
  • doTERRA wild orange essential oil 5ml
  • roller bottles (I'll show you how to make your own creations)
  • sample bottles
  • doTERRA Living Magazine
  • personal wellness consult

Ready to get started? Contact me, I'm happy to set up your enrollment for you!!!

If you prefer to do it yourself here's how....

Head on over to:

Click: Join & Save
Pick Wholesale Prices
Fill in your personal information.

Pick your kit:
$150, Family Physician Kit
$275, Home Essentials kit, etc. (see kits below)

That's it! doTerra will ship your oils directly to you. You'll get them in just a few days. We ship quickly! And I'll send the rest of your goodies and reach out to connect with you. Please contact me to let me know you have enrolled. I don't want you missing out on all the goodies I have for you :)

Questions: email me at or message me here.

Contact me if you need help, and I'll place your enrollment order for you!

$150 starter kit:
Family Physician Enrollment Kit
5 ml bottles of Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Oregano, Frankincense, Deep Blue, Breathe, DigestZen, OnGuard. Plus, OnGuard Beadlets & Peppermint Beadlets.


$275 starter kit:
Home Essentials Enrollment Kit
Full size bottles of Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Oregano, Frankincense, Deep Blue, Breathe, DigestZen, OnGuard. Plus, doTerraPetal ultrasonic diffuser.

***Many More Kits Available- Cleanse and Restore Kit - Athlete + Kit - Emotional Aromatherapy Kit - Natural Solution Kit - Every Oil Kit - Diamond Kit Contact me for the details on each kit!

You'll LOVE your oils. I Know I DO!

NOTE: This offer is only for those who are not already working with a doTerra Wellness Advocate. If you are already working with a friend, get with them please!