Karl Lagerfeld

Fashion Designer

Backround information

-He is from Hamburg, Germany.

-As a child he would cut out pictures from fashion magazines.

-At 14 he moved to Paris and 2 years later he submitted sketches and fabric samples to a design competition.

-He first worked as a junior assistance for Pierre Balmain then as an apprentice.

-Designed collections for Chloe and Fendi.

-Brought a near-dead Chanel back to life with a revamped ready-to-wear lineup.

Famous Works and Main Style

-The Wunderbra

-The Wundercorset

-Very structural and dramatic women's wear, mostly in black and white.

Fashion Capital and His debut collection


-Launched his label in 1984 which he described as "intellectual sexiness"

Interesting Facts

-He's now starting to participate in film and photography.

-In 2011 he designed a line of glassware for the Swedish company Orrefors.

-The same year he signed to create a new collection for Macy's.

-He's also had a part in creative design for H&M.