1950's America


In this photo, notice how the only person in the shot who is drinking a Schlitz is the man on the right. He is being looked at by every single person except one, so what they are subconsciously saying is that if you drink a Schlitz beer, you will get the girl. Also notice that the women in the scene look very dressed up, and are all drinking champagne or wine, but not the Schlitz beer, which also says that only a better class drinks Schlitz beer. The women looks up to the man which says that she is a "lesser" than the man.
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In this image, the mother and son are very happy, which shows that the families were very happy when together. They are also all in the same bed, which shows how closely knit they are as a family, as they are all touching and very near to each other. Also, we see the mother play the role as the clear leader of the family, as the father is not even pictured.
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In this picture the students at New trier are all wearing only three colors, black, grey, and white. The students are all facing forward in a very dimly lit room, looking at the speaker and only the speaker. All of the men on the stage are sitting the same way, with their legs open to the crowd.
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A Lost Teen

In school today, I wore denim jeans, and I got verbally abused by all of my peers. They called me names, hit me, and told me to never come back. My new nickname is Gene the jean guy. I have the same aspirations as everyone else, but I'm just a little bit different and they all attempt to hurt me. I did not know how to approach this dilemma, so I told my parents about the incident. They told me to just not wear the jeans. I then told my teacher, and she told me the same thing. I told my teacher that it isn't just about the jeans. this issue has to do with me being a little different and people not accepting that. She told me that because of the tense situation in the world, people who are different aren't viewed the same as people who are the American "normal." I told her I just want to be me, and she told me I will be bullied. She told me to be the best me I can be that fits in.