Las Tortillas

Spenser Mohr

Me, myself and I

I was born February 7, 2002 in Fargo ND. I play softball and I have for 3 years. I have two older brothers and 3 dogs. My favorite thing to eat is Jimmy Johns. My favorite color is blue and I really enjoy sleeping.
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Las Tortillas

Las Tortillas is a piece written for Baritone and Piano and is played in the key of Bb major with 6/8 meter. This piece has dance like rhythms that are common for this meter. Ternary Form is the structure for this composition. Ternary Form follows an A-B-A structure and contains an initial themes that is followed by a contrasting section.


Cut Time: Time signature that has been cut to manipulate rhythm and tempo.

Mezzoforte: Moderately loud.


I always love doing this project because, it always a great learning experience. I love to learn new songs on the trombone. I also love learning about the composers and the history of the songs. Although I wish we could have newer songs to do for solos or more variety of songs.

Paul Tanner

Paul Tanner was born October 15, 1917. He attended the University of California in Los Angeles, California. In 1938 he was in a musical group called Glenn Miller, and left in 1942. He started playing the trombone at an early age. He died February 5, 2013 in Carlsbad, California.
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