Wilderness Guide

By: Bernice N. Gomez Mejia

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It's simple to get the water. Find a lake, river, stream, or another water source. Take out the animals or germs of the water by boiling it. Make sure it is clean enough. I know that it's hard to recognize that, but trust me you will know. You are ready to go with the water.

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I'm sure there is sticks in the wilderness. Sticks can be the outside of the tent structure. Then find the nearest tree that has leaves, or find loose leaves on the ground. Put that on top which makes the cover, so when it rains you won't get wet. Make sure the sticks and leaves are stable and ready. That's the shelter to build.

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Find two or four (in case the first pair doesn't work) sticks and rocks to start the fire. Next, search for a flat surface. Then when you start it, you can keep warm and roast food.

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Your Emotion

A person doesn't have a good reaction if he/she gets lost in the forest. Everybody doesn't. I can't imagine being lost without knowing where I am. Your instinct will just make us go and find our way back, and get you more lost. Stay someplace where the rescuers can find you.

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