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By Michelle L

The new penguin robot

Scientists have recently designed a new robot that looks like a penguin chick for antarctic researchers. This is because the researchers need to get close to the emperor penguins to study them but the shy penguins normally walk away. Who is a more perfect person to do the job other than a robotic penguin chick? The penguin acts as a spy camera, listening for the heart rates of a penguin and looking at the rates of development.

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What is it?

The new penguin robot is any ordinary robot but in shape of a penguin. Scientists will use this new robot to observe the shy emperor penguins. It has four thick snow wheels, ready to move around. It is remote controlled by scientists so they can get the robotic pension to listen to the heart rates of the emperor penguins. This new penguin robot can even say penguin like noises so that the penguins are attracted to them. Without this amazing new gadget, scientists wouldn't be able to observe penguins.


This penguin features a camera as its eyes. It has four thick snow wheels, ready for travelling on then snow. This amazing penguin robot also features a few penguin sounds that attract attention from other penguins. There are several kinds of penguin robots but the diffrence is not much because penguin chicks do not differ much from each other, even if it's a different species. There is the rockhopper, humboldt and finally, the emperor penguin. The most realistic one has to be the rockhopper because it can amazingly, pick itself up from the ground when it falls over. It is so realistic that some penguin colonies actually accept it as part of their colony!