Blue Crab Population

By: Julie, Paige, and Taylor

What Should Citizens Do to help the Blue Crabs?

The blue crab population is happening mainly because of overfishing and pollution. Citizens need to stop uses harmful fertilizers, polluting the land and water, and overfishing. The reason people need to stop using fertilizers is because fertilizers have nitrogen and phosphorus. Both of these chemicals stimulate excessive algae growth.

What Should Fishermen do to help the Blue Crab Population?

Fisherman need to stop overfishing. The rate of crab harvesting exceeds the science-based limit 46%. Harvesting removes crabs faster than reproduction and growth. Harvesting replaces them causing population to decrease.

What Should Government Do to help The Blue Crabs?

The Government controls what people can and cannot do so, the government should make laws prohibiting fishing in the Chesapeake Bay and planting fertilizers that harm the blue crabs.

What Should Farmers Do to help the Blue Crab Population?

Farmers need to stop planting fertilizers that go in the water and make the algae grow because the algae grows and blocks the sun and the crabs and other animals have no place to hide.