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March 2023

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From the Desk of Mr. Thomas

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Happy March and Women's History Month. We witnessed some amazing things happen here at GCO last month and we want to continue into March as we welcome Spring and warm weather. Please encourage your Champion to participate in the Reading All Stars program. Listed below you can find information about the program. We want to have our school in the top three of our county and at least number one in the district. I am counting on everyone.

Please check out the events that we have scheduled for this month as well as continuing to watch and follow our other means of communication: school webpage (www.gcoschool.org), our Facebook page (Gray Court Owings School, Laurens District 55), our electronic marquee and Instagram. This month, just like the previous month, is filled with a lot of great activities and events for students, teachers and parents.

Thank you for being a part of our GCO community and school family. I thank you all for sending the best and brightest of our community to come and learn and grow from us each and everyday. We are grateful for all that you do to help us each and everyday.

What's Going On?

  • Mar. 1 Italian Ice Truck
  • Mar. 1 Glow Crazy For Reading - Wear Neon Colors
  • Mar. 2 Read My Shirt - Wear a shirt with words on it
  • Mar. 3 Book Character Day - Character Parade
  • Mar. 3 Montessori Community Meeting
  • Mar. 3 Chorus Field Trip
  • Mar. 6 Spring Pictures - School Picture Day
  • Mar. 6 - Mar. 10 National Breakfast Week
  • Mar. 8 Edventure - 2nd Grade Field Trip
  • Mar. 8 Joe Adair - Lower Elem Montessori
  • Mar. 8 Children's Museum - K5 Field Trip
  • Mar. 9 D.A.R.E. Program - 5th Grade
  • Mar. 10 Reading All Stars Program End
  • Mar. 11 Bike Ride with Mr. Thomas
  • Mar. 16 D.A.R.E. Program - 5th Grade
  • Mar. 16 GCO Career Fair - Middle School
  • Mar. 17 No School For Students
  • Mar. 20 Literacy Night 5PM
  • Mar. 22 Report Cards Issued
  • Mar. 24 Parade of Women - Celebration of Women's History Elementary 1:00 PM Middle School 1:30 PM
  • Mar. 29 - Apr. 1 8th Grade Field Trip - Washington D.C.
  • Mar. 30 D.A.R.E Graduation
  • Mar. 31 Italian Ice Truck
  • Mar. 31 Women's History Month Program - Middle School 10:00 AM
  • Mar. 31

Winter MAP Growth


1st grade- Tied for 2nd place

2nd grade- 1st place

5th grade- 1st place

6th grade- 1st place

7th grade- 1st place

8th grade- 1st place


1st grade- 1st place

2nd grade- 1st place

6th grade- 1st place

7th grade- 1st place

8th grade- 1st place

Based on our student growth from MAP scores from the Fall (beginning of year) to the scores from the Winter, this is where GCO ranked among the schools with in the district. Great job by our champion teachers and students!!

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SC Governor's School - Summer Camp Opportunities

The South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities provides pre-professional training in the arts to students in creative writing, dance, drama, film, music, and visual arts for talented South Carolina students. In a unique school environment, students learn and grow collaboratively. Programs include summer camps and the residential high school and range in age from 7th to 12th grade. Learn more and apply online at www.scgsah.org/admissions.

Reading All Stars

Parents encourage your elementary champion to read 5 books and record on the reading log and middle school parents encourage them to read 500 pages and record on their reading log. We want at least 90% of our students to conduct a reading log and read 5 books (elementary) and 500 pages (middle). Students who complete these task and goals will receive a ticket to the Drive game and an opportunity to turn me into a human hotdog!!
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Happy Birthday to all our March Montessori students and tradition scholars for the month of March.

March Birthdays:

Mar. 1 Canon F.

Mar. 1 Zackary M.

Mar. 4 Na'Destiny T.

Mar. 4 Logan B

Mar. 4 Braelyn D.

Mar. 5 Kevin B.

Mar. 5 Logan T.

Mar. 6 Aspen L.

Mar. 6 Anakin M.

Mar. 6 Alaina C.

Mar. 7 Landon C.

Mar. 10 Bryan F.

Mar. 10 Rosa G.

Mar. 10 Paul A.

Mar. 12 Edmond M.

Mar. 13 Kinley I.

Mar. 14 Khloe C.

Mar. 14 Oakley S.

Mar. 15 Brantley W.

Mar. 16 Azmarie E.

Mar. 17 Madisyn D.

Mar. 17 Luis P.

Mar. 17 Steven S.

Mar. 18 Allan M

Mar. 19 Thomas N

Mar. 19 McKenzie S

Mar. 20 Bryar C.

Mar. 21 Brexton O.

Mar. 21 Emilee F.

Mar. 22 Jessica C.

Mar. 22 Roderica / Rydasia A.

Mar. 22 Alison V.

Mar. 23 Dylan J.

Mar. 23 Mia M.

Mar. 23 Greyson W.

Mar. 24 Nevaeh G.

Mar. 24 Michael L.

Mar. 26 Isbela G.

Mar. 26 Paxton B.

Mar. 27 Kayleigh C.

Mar. 28 Draidon S.

Mar. 28 Bryce J.

Mar. 29 Elektra A.

Mar. 30 Abigail O.

Mar. 30 Kaylee J.

Mar. 30 Logan J.

Mar. 31 Jamison C.

Mar. 31 Kristen E.

Thank you to our Community Business Partners

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Every Wednesday at GCO is "Champ" Day!! Teachers and Students are asked to wear school colors or school gear. Click the box below to access our online school store.

Parent Strategies

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