Fra Filippo Lippi

Renaissance painter

Lippi's Life

Fra Filippo Lippi was born in 1406 Florence Italy, where he spent most of his life. Although he was a great artist, there is no known formal training that he underwent. Fra Filippo spent most of his time making artistic pieces for the church, like paintings. Some of his most famous famous works are Barbadori Madonna in Majesty with Angels and Saints, Tarquinia Madonna and Child Enthronea, and Annunciation. Because his paintings became so popular in Florence, The Medici reached out and supported Fra Filippo. In his art, Lippi mainly showed naturalism because he brought sacred figures closer to their ordinary human appearance, and usually painted religious things. He also focused on illusionism because his works became very complicated and worked up less through linear perspective. Fra Filippo also painted his art in a way that made it seem almost three dimensional.
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The name of this piece is Annunciation, which was painted in 1450. To find this piece, you should visit National Gallery in London, UK. The significant thing about this piece is that it shows a religious event. A new technique that Lippi used in this painting is chiaroscuro, which means that he used light and shadow. To summarize the piece, I would say that the woman, on the right, is doing some type of praying. She also seems to be pregnant, which is probably the reason for her prayer. There is also an angel, on the left, who seems to be listening to her. The painting is mostly linked with naturalism because it is showing a woman praying, which is something that Christians considered an everyday activity, which means that the painting is showing a less formal situation. I also know that this is naturalism because that is what Fra Filippo focused on. I found this piece interesting because of the two different perspectives it is showing and the way that they were presented.


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