My Family


About My Family and I

Sometimes my family is crazy......but that doesn't mean that I don't LOVE them.I have three sisters and three brothers .... but my brother's don't live with us !!!:( Now that you know a little bit about us I hope you enjoy learning ABOUT MY FAMILY AND I!!!!:):):)

What We Like To Do

My Family and I like to go camping together...and the best part is when we make smores all sitting in the is the best.Another,thing my family likes to do together is go get ice cream you can just taste creaminess.We also love watching movies in our huge living room all sharing a large buttery popcorn.

Family Is All You Got

Family is worth more than gold.Family stick together like peanut butter and jelly.Family defenitly don't turn on each other and never leave one another.We stick together like paper and glue.Love and cherish your family...but not more than God...!!!!!:):)
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That is the end of the Carrasco Family's Story