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Notes from Mrs. Hamp

  • This week we have the opportunity for a representative from St. John's Bank to come in and speak with our class about money, spending, and saving money. The students really enjoyed learning and counting money and this will really help them understand the importance of saving money.
  • More information on the field trip will be coming home soon.

What are we learning this week?

Phonics: Diagraph wh-

Math: We started Topic 15 on Friday and we will continue this week working on measurement. We will learn about standard measurement learning inches, feet, and yards. We will also use metric measurements in centimeters and meters.

Reading: We will be able to ask and answer questions about our text. We will continue learning about rocks and how to describe their luster, texture, etc. While learning about the rocks we will learn about the earth and different landforms.

Writing: We will be learning how to take notes on information that is related to our famous landmark. Last week, we started our research and gaining knowledge of our landmark and now we will organize our writing piece to create an "All about....." book. After we gather our facts we will create an advertisement to make people come visit to our landmark.

Vocabulary: grain, property, and mineral

Phonics LIst

Digraph wh-

whether, whatever, whiskers, whirling, whittle, whatnot, meanwhile, whichever, whiplash, whimsical, whirlpool, wheelchair, whirlwind

Happy Birthday and Author's Corner

Happy Birthday!

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Author's Corner:

Jack and Noah

Mark Your Calendar

April 30: 2nd Grade Musical @ 7:00

May 8: Volunteer Breakfast

May 11: Book Fair begins

May 14: Field Trip to Missouri Botanical Garden

May 21: Last Day of School (Early Release Day)