Government Owns Everything

Why Communism is the best philosophy

Communism is the best philosophy because the government has control over everything. In communism the government owns everything and it does not allow the people of the working class to make decisions for themselves. Communism is also the best economic philosophy because the government can maintain order and equality by controlling everything.

Who created Communism? Why did it become popular?

Karl Marx, a philosopher and economist, is the creator of communism. Communism became popular because it completely took out the idea of a working class and put government in complete control. Communism also became popular because the government did not have to listen to the working class complain.


An advantage communism would be that it provides for the people of the society without the people of the society having to work for what they need and want. Another advantage of communism that the other two philosophies do not have is that the government has authority over everything so the country can maintain order.

Communism Today

Today we can find Communism in countries such as China, North Korea, Cuba, Laos, and Vietnam. Communism is still being followed in these countries today because the government handles how products are made and distributed and how much of a product is made and distributed. Communism works in these countries because it exists under authoritarian governments.