European country Discovery project

BY: Ethan Allen/The country was Sweden

The location of the capital of the country and some facts about the flag.

The location of the capital is Stockholm and some facts about the flag is it blue with a yellow line that is vertical and it was made in 1906 making it one of the oldest flag in the world.

The countries that surround it.

All the locations that surround it are The Baltic sea,Gulf of Bostonian,Skagerrak,and oresund straits,Norway in west Scandinavian,peninsula, and finland in east

Some major landmarks and landforms

Some major landmarks are stockholm,gothenburg,kiruna,mamo muunicipalitry,Lulea and the landforms are scandinavian mountins,Theklen mountains,andkebhekaise

The leaders of sweden

Stefan lofan and carl xvi gustaf

the religon

the main relgon is christian lutheran

The gpd

The gpd is 60,430,22

Some historical facts on sweden

In 1945 the United States droped atomic bombs on hiroshima and nagasaki. and the second one is in 1939 sweden declares its neutrality-sweden remains neutral but rejects a request from Germany to use its territory as a transit rout for german

That was my European discovery project


The web sites i used was fact monster and google