The Journey of The Oregon Trail

By Sofia

Life on the the Oregon Trail

Traveling with two families on the Oregon Trail,

One early morning in Independence Day Missouri, Me, and my mom, dad, two, brothers and Rachel’s family got ready to go on our journey. First we packed a couple of supplies like…

some clothes, a few pairs of shoes, 200 pounds of flour, 150 pounds of bacon, 10 pounds of coffee, 20 pounds of sugar, 10 pounds of salt, medicine, water, cooking books, oxen’s, beans, rice, gun, ammo, blankets, sheets, tea pot, 10 plates, 10 cups, forks and spoons. The total weight of the wagon was 1,950 pounds. So first my dad and I went to buy a wagon the wagons were 4 feet wide, 2 feet deep and 10 to 11 feet long. A really good wagon cost about $85 for all the supplies. Right when we came back me and my dad heard the horns blow so we knew we had to leave our house. That day we walked about 16 miles. So before the sun went down we all stop and we took a break. My dad and Rachel’s dad went to get their guns from the back of the wagon so we could have something to eat for dinner. During that time my mom said to entertain my little bothers while my mom started to clean. we had a lot of jobs to do like standing guard, hunting, fixing wagons, getting water, make sure the animals are ok, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the children’s. So after a few minutes past my dad came back with a buffalo. Before we ate I helped my mom with the food. I went to milk the cows so we could have some butter the next day. Then Rachel’s mom made some soup for the kids. Then my mom said to make bacon during she made rice. When we were eating my parents said that our goal was to get to oregon before winter snow fell. Me and my friend Rachel had to act like an adult. Our parents told us to go to bed because the next day we were going to wake up early again to continue our journey….in the morning I woke up and we continued to the Oregon Trail. When we where walking I was really scared cause I almost got ran over by one of the wagons. So far we walked 5 miles and then we saw another group. my dad and Mr. Edison said that we had to stay behind then for emergencies. They became friends and we continued to walk. Then we came along to a river I asked what we should do? My dad said we have to take the wheels off for the wagon to cross. From the other group this person named Luigi died from drowning and a water snake bit him. the other group told us that a lot of people died like a little boy fell over the front end of the wagon during the journey in his case the great wheels rolled over the child’s head crushing it into pieces another one is killed by lightning strikes other were also killed by lots of hail size apples balls and they were falling. Then I went to sleep and I wondered what the next day was…

The end

My Opinion Of Not moving West

My Opinion of not moving West

I would not have gone west because it would be very easy to die, I can run out of food, we could get out of ammo, and we could also run out of medicine. And also because I would not move west because many people would die if we did go west. I think the benefits about not going to organ are… Some people might get lost and it could be very difficult. The troubles would be we could maybe run out of supplies. Also because there might be wild animals like wild buffalo, bears and cheetahs and more things that might attack. And if we climb a mountain one of us might fall off.



Discoverers and Explorers

In 1800 there were no cities, railroads, and no railroads yet existed. In 1803 president Thomas organized a secret mission to the pacific. Congress met covertly to approve the trip cause Lewis and Clark be venturing beyond the United States onto British soil. Jefferson chose his old friend and neighbor Meriwether Lewis to lead the venture, William Clark was the leader of may 1804. Their were a few dozen men started to walk up the west to the Missouri river. None of the white had ever seen the west plants or animals. On December fifth 1800 Lewis and Clark had reached was too difficult for the wagon traffic. The richest men was John Jacobs.
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  • 200 pounds of flour
  • 150 pounds of bacon
  • 10 pounds of coffee
  • 20 pounds of sugar
  • 10 pounds of salt
  • Medicine
  • 2 pair of clothes
  • 2 pair of shoes
  • clean water
  • oxen's
  • beans
  • rice
  • eggs
  • gun
  • ammo
  • blankets
  • knife
  • spoons
  • Forks
  • 10 plates
  • 10 cups
  • Tea pot for tea
  • Cooking books
  • Materials for cooking

Interesting Facts

A average of a wagon would be 4 feet wide, 2 feet deep, 10-11 feet long, a really good wagon would cost about $85. The Oregon Trail took about 2,00 miles some people walked 16 miles per day. Like on a good day they would walk 16 miles but on a raining day it would be very hard because it would be all muddy and very hard. Most of the people tried to find more people to be saved.