12 Angry Men

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12 Angry Men Information and History

"12 Angry Men" is a play that was made in April 1957 directed by Sidney Lumet. The story was created and the screenplay was by Reginald Rose. The budget for the play was 340,000 dollars. The play was a drama that only men could play in because of the law. Soon the law said that woman could act and they called "12 Angry Jurors."

A summary of the play

The play "12 Angry Men" was about a boy who was believed to impale is own father in the heart with a knife, then to run off. Soon 12 Jurors got taken in to see if he was guilty. There was only 1 Juror that voted not guilty. Then they protested and argued. Then voted without him and another Juror voted not guilty. Soon they just stopped after the vote was 9 to 3.

What I Liked About The Play

There was many things i liked about the play but some of the things stood out the most. One thing I liked most was how only one of the Jurors actually wanted to know more about the crime. I also liked how there was allot of suspense built inside of the play. Also, they proved some of the things and I like how they did that. Those are a few things I liked about the play. Some of the things that stood out was how one of the Jurors made many racist comments about the crime and only wanted to have the boy in jail because he believed he would do it again, just because he lived in not the best town. It relates to todays society because today many people get judged on what the look like, how they act, and things like that. Like in the play, some people judge based off of how they look.
The 12 Angry Men Quiz

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12 Angry Men Movie

The movie is NOT the same as the play, some details are different.


This is my political cartoon and I believe that it relates to the play because one of the people in a gang outfit has the words "Teen Violence" and there is somewhat teen violence inside of the play. The only reason I say so is because they believe that the kid killed his own father, just because of what some old man said, and a old lady that wore glasses had said she "seen" the killing from outside a window, and through a train.