George Washington

The Life Of

George And his Life Of Being A President And In Battle

Born George

George Washington

George was born on Popes Creek on February 22, 1732 located in Westmoreland County. He had 6 kids in his family, including himself. After his father died he helped his mother with the plantation.George became a hunter after his dad died. He wanted to help out his family as much as he could so he hunted, fished, and made fires. While he was doing all that work he was day dreaming about leading a warship, but he knew that his mom would not let him do that and that made George very mad and disappointed.

George was 13 when he found his grandfathers surveying tools and became apart of a Surveying Expedition. By age 17 George was a professional Surveyor. George studied fencing to be quick with his sword if he went to war. He read books to be quick with his mind. His favorite thing to do was to spend time at his rich neighbors house (the Fairfaxes) because they had dances and he had a huge crush on Sally Fairfax their daughter.

George found a chance to become a student in the war.He became a Commander of the Chief Continental Army while the Revolutionary War was going on in 1775. George led the Colonial Forces to victory against the British Army, became a really famous hero, and got an award for his great leadership. He became president of a convention which signed the Constitution and two years later he became the first president of the U.S. He only served two terms from 1789-1797 which was the year the White House was built. George Washington is famous because he led great Army’s through great victories and because he signed the Americans Constitution.

George thought he should take a break on war and met a girl he really liked. 1 month later he got married to Martha Custis whose husband had died.Martha had 2 kids that George really liked too. George hung up his uniform and settled down .George became a great farmer at Martha’s hometown, Mount Vernon. That very same year George’s brother Lawrence died.After George had his break he got back to being a chief in the war.One night is 1774 a very serious war started right splat in the middle of Lexington. This war was against the British. Men worried because Americans only had 16,000 men and the British had 34,000 men.

Yeah! Victory! The Americans were freed from the British King. The Americans made a statue of George Washington out of millions and millions of bullets to celebrate.

In the white house after he was done with the war he decided to make a will that when Martha died the slaves would be free on their farm in Mount Vernon. At the White House Martha and George decided not to spend a lot of money so they only paid for paintings of themselves.

George was no longer President and had moved out of the White House, but was still famous. He became very ill and the doctors ran out of things to help him get better and on the night of December 14, 1799 he died.